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  1. HerpDerp

    What is that one piece of advice that you wish someone had given you when you first started keeping snakes?

    Hi all, My name is Matthieu, I'm in Melbourne and I've always wanted a pet snake. There is nothing more frustrating for me than people who intentionally or unintentionally abuse their animals because they are ignorant or because they want to join the latest fad. This has lead me to be...
  2. H

    First time snake owner

    Hi all, first time snake owner here. I have a roughly 8 month old Children’s Python, I have had it for around 5 months. It always handled well and only tagged me once when I scared it. A few weeks ago I went to pick it up to handled it, but it was around feeding day and it mistook my finger...
  3. Grigals

    Darwin carpet python substrate

    Hi guys! I'm setting up a new terrarium for my Darwin carpet python August and the last thing i need to add now is substrate. All the pet stores were recommending aspen bedding but I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing to use? I would really like a more natural looking substrate anyway, if...
  4. Atlas

    Thick tail Gecko Housing (help?)

    Hey guys! My housemate and I are considering getting a pair of thick-tailed geckos - both 3yr old males. (Won’t be housed together, don’t worry!) Neither of us have any experience with geckos however we’ve both kept pythons and I’ve got a beardie. We’ve both been doing as much research as we...
  5. xXFlying

    What should i put in my 4ft?

    So recently my beloved blackheaded python passed away and while it breaks my heart i think the best thing i can do now is move on and stay positive. I have this 4ft x 2ft x 2ft enclosure with a sandy substrate and the heat mat under it. I still have the decorations and heat light ect. What...
  6. Hanz Hapin

    (Help!) BHP 4 month old - defensive & elusive

    Hi all, I this is my very 1st snake I purchased from VHS Expo yesterday. A 4 month old black headed python. I noticed that I cannot seem to handle him well as he always try to escape or coil up in a defensive pose. He also twitches or get spooked out very easily when I make sudden movements...
  7. Barmy

    I'm hoping to get a GTP! Any tips?

    Are GTPs aggressive? I know they have longer teeth than most pythons but are they okay with being handled? What size enclosure is necessary? I have heard something about a 'fragile stage'...? Any other useful info?
  8. kaylahfaye

    Advice needed please!

    Hi everyone! I hope that someone can help me out. See I have a Blotched Blue tongue. Whose my baby! Anyway I've been thinking of some ideas for her cage. I'm pretty handy with things so I want to make a little corner hide for her. Now I'm just a bit confused on what timber I can use to make her...
  9. K

    Any Tips On Handling Baby Top End Python

    Hi , i recently got a top end python female about a week ago ,just after a few tips on how to handle her she has eaten a fuzzy 2 days ago with no problems at all she seems fine when she left alone but get quiet agitated when i try to hold her ive let her smell my hands when i change her water...
  10. H

    Black Headed Python Tips? - First Snake

    So, I just got myself my first snake, he's a Northern Territory Black Headed Python, about a year old and around 90cm long. I've only had him for 2 weeks and he feeds well so far and is getting used to being handled. I don't have any real concerns, I am more just after some husbandry tips or...