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Albino Olive Python hatchos

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Jan 23, 2010
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Hi all, my name is Gavin Bedford and probably once upon a time was associated with this critter. While not wanting to sound OTT, I was lucky enough to obtain the first Albino Olive in 1996 and from there they have been bred many times for me and many others. I have always kept them and while many stayed at Snake Ranch when I left, I managed to hang onto a couple and have bred them to the point where I have a few of these amazing hatcho albino Olive pythons that need new homes.

They are around 6 months old and feeding on quail and rats, although mostly quail at the moment as that is what I have access to. All have the usual olive attitude when young, but should settle with handling and time as their parents are quite good. I am chasing $2000 each and have both sexes.


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