Bredli python not eating after moving house

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Dec 21, 2017
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Hi all urgent help needed please!

I moved house approximately 2 months ago I waited about 2 weeks after the move to give my 6 year old Bredli python his next feed (1 week overdue) but after defrosting the rat I noticed it had blood around its nose, upon presenting it to my snake he took up his usual strike pose but then retreated after tasting the air I persisted for about 10 minutes twitching the rat regularly in the usual way he has taken food in the past but nothing I then left the rat in his feeding tub for about 30 to 40 minutes but he still ignored it. Since getting him I have only ever fed him rats so I thought 2 things 1) the stress of the move had affected his appetite and 2) he might want a change of meal. I the n tried him on 1 medium quail a few days later which he scoffed down but as a medium quail isn't his normal meal size I then planned on feeding him the other 2 medium quails from the same pack (a few days after he had completely digested the first quail). At which time I noticed he was getting ready to shed hence I waited for a few days after he had completed shedding and attempted to feed the 2 qauils which he turned his nose up, Tonight I attempted to feed him his usual size rat and he seemed interested but he simply inspected it and then ignered it despite constantly returning to a striking pose. The whole time he has still been active and showing no change in his behaviour. It has now been 4 weeks since his last feed of 1 medium quail (48g in weight.) Does anyone have any suggestions of what may be going on and how I might be able to get him to eat?
He will eat when he’s ready, is all that can be really said! If he starts losing dramatic amounts of weight, take him to a reptile vet. Otherwise, he should be fine.

Any updates?
Hey, did you get it figured out? Hope he's now eating normally.

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