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Sep 19, 2023
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Hi Everyone!

I’d like to convert my children’s python’s enclosure into a bio active but I’m not sure about the best way to go about it. If anyone would like to put their experienced two cents in, that would be greatly appreciated.

I plan to have Leca balls as the drainage layer, then a weed mat and finally substrate over top but I’m just unsure about what substrate would be ideal. Can I source charcoal, coco coir and cypress mulch from Bunnings or is it too risky with unlabelled fertilisers?

Thank you so much 😊

(In terms of plants I was mostly thinking pothos since it’s hardy)

Edit: it’s clear we are bio-active haters from other posts haha ignore me, mostly I wanted to give the snake a more naturalistic enclosure but it seems that it might not be in the snakes best interest
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my son built a bio for his Brown Tree snakes. He got his tips from Lukes scaley beaches @BeachesScalyBeasts. on youtube
Here's a pic


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Naturally it's your choice how you want to set up an enclosure but just remember that snakes don't give too hoots about aesthetics and provided all their basic needs are catered for they can be quite content with a simple set up. Bio active set ups are more to appease a human than a snake and although some people like them I've seen good intentions go so horribly wrong without the proper ongoing maintenance. So if you decide to go ahead, and simply for concern for the welfare of your snake, please get the best advise you can so as to set it up and maintained properly.