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Sep 13, 2017
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Yes you read correctly ...my olive is refusing meals! 12kg dry weight 3.5m male 7 ish years old. His usually a pig and has been for obviously years. I've kept him for about a 1.5 years now. He was eating rabbits fine after deciding I would breed them. And now has suddenly stopped. For about 2 months.
I've tired giving him a rat to start off last time and it started up again. And followed it with a rabbit and he was fine. And the next feed was a rabbit and didn't want it.
It's like his not interested at all. Gets into the striking pose and then doesn't do anything infact runs away from it. Strikes the glass door and doesn't even try to strike the rabbit. Tried different sizes too in case the size was throwing him off. I've checked temps they are good. Everything is fine I don't understand why. Olives are known for being constant pigs except the odd few hatchlings not adults.
Not one to ever complain about a tame olive but this guy can be handled right out of the cage with no hook and no defense. Can pat him inside the cage and have helped him shed before. I don't make a habit of it obviously.
Keep in mind when I first bought him I had three rabbits die in a week and he ate them all within 2 days. (1 one day and 2 the next day). They aren't full adults obviously.
Any help?
Anyone have this issue, is so how'd you overcome this. It would be useless if I had to get a rat every feed, will make the whole breeding rabbits situation null and void. And clearly he doesn't have an issue with rabbits since he has eaten them plenty.

When I say always tame I don't always mean always. There are times where he strikes the glass when I just walk past. His got his moods but I find him a bit more docile than most I've seen.

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