Breeding or brumating? Snake acting very odd.

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May 9, 2024
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Hi all, needing a bit of help with my 2yo male Stimsons python, Marcus Aurelius (aka Snark.) He's always eaten, shed and pooped like a champ, cage temps are good and nothing has changed with his set-up. I've had him since Oct last year. About six weeks ago he became much more active than normal, (at night his cage sounded like a snake disco.) I'd call it hunting behaviour but he refused food (for the first time ever) so I figured maybe he was hunting a lady snake. I kept offering food weekly (rats/mice) but it was always rejected. Three days ago he retreated to his cold hide and hasn't left it since - still in full Bobby Sands hunger strike mode. Can a snake go straight from breeding behaviour to brumating behaviour like this? Is it vet time? He looks perfectly healthy and hasn't lost significant weight. I'd say it's two months now since he's eaten when he usually eats every 10 days approx. How do I handle this and the (possible) brumation? Starting to get the ol' hunger strike freakout. Thanks in advance!

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