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Jun 10, 2024
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Hey guys,

I’m needing some advice on my children’s python, he is 6 months old.
Last measured 43cm in April & weight is 54G (10/06/2024)
He is still on fuzzy mice & refuses to move up in size to hopper mice I’ve wasted so many mice trying to move him up - I’ve tried braining, scenting with other prey items, drop feeding, feeding during the day, super late at night.
He also very rarely takes from the tongs, no matter how much I stir him up. He’s tong fed only twice since Feb when I got him the rest have been drop feeds.
Is there any other way to get him onto bigger prey as he should be on hoppers by now. He is healthy, placid & growing well on fuzzys according to multiple sources but I know fuzzys aren’t as nutritional as bigger prey.

I find the statement "he should be on hoppers by now" odd. I think as keepers we often tend to think too much about a regimen regarding our captives. Perhaps your python does not want to take to a hopper mouse yet because he simply isn't ready. Don't stress too much, and feed him what he will eat. These creatures have survived in the wild without our feeding regimens.
have you tried leaving the prey item in the enclosure overnight? sometimes they need time to build confidence with bigger prey. but if the fuzzies are working, no need to rush getting him on hoppers.
yes, I should have also mentioned that.
He’s not much of a striker either, no matter what I do at feeding time. Hes only ever struck twice at the mice, or gently grabbed a foot or around the mouth.. a lot of his feeds have been drop feeds even with the breeder before I got him.
Sometimes it seems like they are just playing with the prey, not eating it. Maybe they do need more time.

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