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Help re-home 10yr female Diamond Python | Free + Enclosure included | Inner West Sydney

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Oct 2, 2023
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Sydney, NSW
We have been trying to rehome our 10 year old female Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota) as we are moving overseas mid-Nov and cannot take her with us :(

She handles very well - very tame personality. We've had her accustomed to being handled by many guests all through her life. I can always reach into her enclosure to take her out without problems. Only time I've ever been struck is feeding time.

She takes food very easily. Never refused a feed.

She's roughly 160cm.

We are giving her away with the enclosure and all things inside, including a heat mat so no further set up is necessary.

Pick up location is in the Inner West of Sydney. Will need at least a couple strong hands as her enclosure is very heavy. We can help you on our end during pick up.

Also, must have license and be able to show.

If anyone is interested, please contact soon as we are running out of time! :(


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