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M & F Breeding Pair of Marbled Velvet Gecko's w/ Exo-Terra Full Setup

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Mar 28, 2009
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia
Scientific Name[Oedura Marmorata]

Common Name[Marbled Velvet Gecko's]

Age[Both 2 years old]

Sex[Male & Female (Breeding Pair)]

Size[M= approx. 11cm / F= approx. 9cm]

Gecko's must be sold with Exo-Terra Terrarium which is fully setup. This is what they have lived in since being purchased from the highly respected Totally Reptiles in Rosanna (Vic), and would hate for them to have to have a complete change of environment, as well as setup.

Price[$480, or willing to neg. closest reasonable offer]

General Description[Male & Female breeding pair of Marbled Velvet Gecko's with Exo-Terra completely setup Terrarium. They produced a clutch of eggs in November last year, but unfortunately we could not locate them in time before they dried out. They feed very well on crickets and woodies (probably preferring the crickets more though).
The Exo-Terra Terrarium is 60cm wide x 60cm tall x 45cm deep, which comes with the standard wire mesh top, and Exo-Terra lighting unit which has 3 individual light fittings controlled by 2 switches. As you can see from the picture, inside the terrarium contains Exo-Terra authentic 3D rock background, multiple pieces of wood decorations (including a large centre piece of drift wood), and artificial plants both wall and floor mounted. The bottom substrate is white marble chips/gravel. There is also a spare bag just over 10kgs which will be included with the sale as well. The terrarium did have a simple heat mat, but it has kicked the bucket last month. But, also available is a medium thermo-controlled Exo-Terra Heat Wave Rock, which is brand-new in it's box (un-used) for an additional $45 (orig. worth $89.95). We originally paid over $1000.00 for this spectacular setup. Great value for $480.00, especially when the hatchlings come! Regretful sale, but we have just recently adopted another dog (making it 3 now), and just don't have the time that the gecko's deserve. ]

GeckoTank.jpg Geckos.jpg

Location[Eastern Suburbs, Victoria]

Willing to Freight?[No]

Contact Details[Please email me: [email protected], or reply by private message or thread post. Thanks!!!]

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)
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