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Sold Marbled Children's Python 10 mo (sold pending)

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Jul 18, 2012
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Selling my approx 10 month old Marbled Childrens Python. Bought from Dragon Reptiles in SA in late April of this year, and was approx 4 months old. Suspected female, but not probed.

Feeds like a champ, never refused a feed, poops, sheds, is fed weekly to 10 days, handles pretty well (unless hungry, but being so small if she does strike, you don't feel it. I only handle to clean her enclosure, take pics, or soak etc, so usually once or twice a week for maybe 5 minutes, and she's fine unless startled, or you put your hand in the tub on feed day, then it's all about trying to eat the hand haha)

Located Gawler area of SA, may be willing to freight, but it's such a hassle with forms, flights etc, I'd rather not unless I absolutely have to.
Only selling as I've realised I'm not a fan of smaller snakes it seems, I have 2 adult Albino Darwins and the big ones have my heart (and once or twice a piece of my hand šŸ˜‚)

$450 Neg.

Permit No BH2217554S

(edited to fix date I got her/him)


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