My childrens python is one of a kind and is not normal with his behaviour.

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Mar 28, 2021
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Ok,I know what some people might think but my childrens python is showing affection towards me all the time it’s crazy but true “Monty” and I live together in the same bedroom many people who have seen us interact have said that Monty has very likely imprinted on me.
I know what his mood/wants through mannerisms and many other ways e.g. Monty has a way he reacts when he wants something I know when he’s thirsty and when I say “drink’ a few times while showing him his bowl by pointing he goes and drinks while he is in shed cycle(if he hasn’t drank he drinks on command) , when I am about to prepare to feed a rat to him I never need to worry about the scent on my hands he knows it’s feed time he climbs up on my shoulder so I can take him to his feed tank no matter if I have the scent of his prey on my hand he will never react to bite or anything like that .
When he wants to come out he’s favourite spot is around my neck and if I’m not talking or ignoring him totally ignoring him he rises up to my face and starts to try to get my attention by constantly rubbing the side of his head on my nose .
If it’s cold and he’s come out for a play he wants me to put my robe on (from previous times he loves it)Monty constantly wriggles around until I reach for that robe it is hilarious I can barely put it on fast enough he’s gone straight for the sleeves and goes from one sleeve to the next when he wakes up he raises his head so I can rub under his jaw .there are too many things to list he has imprinted on me 100% I have never seen a python react in this manner ever nor on YouTube my brother begs me to record our interactions maybe someday I will we have never been seperate from each other only when he sleeps and I sleep 4 meters away from each other I handle him we hang around with each other every waking chance I have learnt that pythons do have feelings for their owner if you spend as much time with your pet snake from a hatchling like I do everyday you might see what I’m blessed to see and interact With monty I handle him so often people might think it’s not good for Monty? Well he has never seen a vet he’s healthy and loves being handled so much he’s constantly pressing at the glass so I can let him out at nights 3 or 4 times you can hear him causing a fuss so I can let him out.
Anyway be kind to your reptiles and animals they are more in tune with you a lot more than you can possibly imagine .


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