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Jun 1, 2022
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Hi friends!

I just purchased a Coastal Carpet Python via Gumtree a couple of days ago. I just have a few things I want some advice on.

- Firstly, I'm curious to know roughly how old you guys think she is. She would be just shy of a metre long. Maybe 90cm. The seller couldn't tell me how old she was.
- What size mice would you recommend feeding her and how often? The seller was feeding her once a week but I want to be sure that's enough as I can tell she's only young.
- The enclosure that came with her has a ceramic heat lamp which works well, but I've also read about the need for a UV light? Is this required?
- Lastly, a bit of a weird one - the enclosure seems to have quite a number of baby cockroaches (or similar) living in it. I would assume that using bug spray is not a good idea. Is there anything you guys can recommend to help get rid of these?

I'll attach a few photos of her and her enclosure.

Thanks for having me here!IMG_6597.jpgIMG_6596.jpgIMG_6595.jpgIMG_6580.jpgIMG_6574.jpg
Hey, sorry it's been a while, and haven't seen a reply to your questions. I'm just curious, were you able to handle them yourself?

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