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Snake For Sale QLD - 6 year old Jungle Python & huge enclosure - BEAUTIFUL nature - $350 ONO

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Sarah Jane

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Jun 3, 2018
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This is a very regretful sale. He had a food response to my hand and bit me (only time he has ever bitten, I smelled like bird) and since then, I cannot handle him the same due to my fear. Not his fault at all, but not fair on him.
Raised him since a hatchling. Always had beautiful temperament. Absolutely stunning snake. Great feeder, shedder and pooper. Not aggressive or defensive, just real good food response. Never refused food since he was a baby.

5'9 long. No weight because find it hard to weigh him. Cannot stress enough how much of a stunning snake he is. Really sad to lose him but I don't take him out as much because of being fearful and it's not fair on him. He deserves to come out, be handled and bask on the grass. Really want to find a good, experienced owner who will give him the life he deserves.

Full enclosure comes with all his trees, fake plants and branches. Big light up the top comes also, as well as any other accessories I have. Also comes with one frozen rat I have left. No heat lamp or thermostat because they blew a few weeks ago. He does have a heat mat. Temp gun. Some left over aspen bedding.
Enclosure has two compartments down the bottom, one for storage, other can be used for storage but also has a hole and lockable glass screen and can be used as a little hide out for him.

I am looking for $350ONO/NEG as I will not let him go to someone inexperienced. I'd like to vet the person and see their setups for current snakes, and also must have reptile licence. Seems like a lot but it's very important to me that he goes to someone who will look after him as much as I have. He means so much to me. Will consider letting him go for free if someone I really think should have him comes along. Thanks.

Pics of him:

Pics of enclosure:



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Sorry to hear that you have to let him go. Hope a deserving buyer comes along. Good luck!

Are you still open to having a snake in the future?
Sorry to hear that you have to let him go. Hope a deserving buyer comes along. Good luck!

Are you still open to having a snake in the future?

Thanks so much.
No, I won't have another snake. He is the best snake I could have ever asked for.

Very interested, have sent you PM. 0408465399
I am very late but will give you a call.

Bumping because he is still for sale.
Bumping as price has gone down considerably. $350 ONO. Would really like him to go to a good home please! :(

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