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saito 4 stroke model aircraft engine - SOLD

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Apr 13, 2005
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I am looking to purchase some more Jungles and some of my radio controlled engines need to go! This is the first one and if people are interested I will list a few more.
This is a Saito 56 Hemi 4 stroke engine and it comes with the box and instructions. What you see is what you get, it hasn't been cleaned for sale, it is just beautiful. There is some staining on the exhaust pipe that i haven't cleaned off . Other than that it looks as new. It has plenty of power and nothing sounds quite like a four stroker in your scale aircraft. It was fitted to an AT6 Texan.

I want 220 dollars for it plus postage or local pick-up is fine from Sydney.
No longer for sale
Listed on ebay along with other radio controlled motors and stuff to finance a growing Jungle Madness!
Already up to $180 wooohooo!!
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