scale rot on bluey?

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Apr 30, 2021
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Sydney NSW
hi all, a few months ago i noticed the belly scales of my bluey where very dry with some of them starting to chip at the edges, they didn’t sit flush with his body either. I attributed it to the humidity fluctuations gave him a soak every other day and it went down quickly.

after it sorted itself and didn’t show signs of coming back for a few weeks i got super busy for a while and didn’t check for any more flare ups, just got him out today and noticed that’s it’s come back a lot worse a lot of the scales have started to chip and he has red spots on his belly that look a little bit like scale rot to me (i have never seen scale rot in person before so i’m not confident with this assessment). His tail especially has a pink undertone to it that definitely looks like some sort of infection.

another reason i doubt it is scale rot is because his enclosure is not very humid, if anything it’s on the dry side (which is what i attributed the dry scales to initially). I gave him a larger water bowl to increase humidity but it obviously hasn’t helped much.

wanted to ask you guys before i went to a vet since a lot of people on here have more experience than most vets in my area.

if anyone knows what this is or how to treat it pls let me know.

(he is currently in a large glass fish tank, this has encouraged me to go out today and get a solid front opening tank so i can better control humidity and do more thorough cleaning. He will be in a clean quarantine tank by the end of the day)
I was thinking of doing a 1 part betadine 10 part water soak tonight as well just in case it is scale rot, any reasons not to do this?

you can see the chipped scales and red spots in these photos.


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