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Sep 5, 2021
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Sunbury, Victoria
Hello all!

My mum and I are researching into getting her first snake (I have never owned a snake before myself), we have the enclosure with everything now ready to do with heat lamps, uvb bulb, lamp cages, thermostat, substrate etc. I am in the process of teaching my mother about heat gradients and will explain it in greater detail once she's set up the enclosure to how she likes for her snake.

I originally got her a 60cm x 40 x 40 but it was just too small for when the snake grows, so instead I got her a 80cm x 50 x 50 for a more suitable size for the present moment till she feels more confident and the snake grows.

My mother would ideally prefer something small and not too large (around/less than 1.5m at full growth).

Good temperament/easy to handle, small and coming in a variety of morphs (particularly pale/cream/yellows). Budget is around $300-600.

I have read Children's Pythons are good and relatively small, are Stimsons also a good choice?


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Jan 8, 2019
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This enclosure would be good for adult stimsons or childrens pythons

or if you want something else, carpet pythons about a year old, however they’ll need to be upgraded to 120x60 Atleast fairly quick

300-600 gives you a fair few antaresia morphs options like marbled

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