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drysdalia coronoides

  1. The_Phantom

    White-lipped Snake

    General Description 1 or 2 Drysdalia coronoides wanted. Location Sydney Willing to pay for Freight? Yes Contact Details PM initially Other Details Must be on licence.
  2. NickGeee

    Quick Peninsula Herp

    Afew weekends ago I headed down to the lower Mornington Peninsula, about an hour SE of Melbournes CBD. I was keen to photograph some white-lipped snakes, and this time proved to finally be the day!. First I did a circuit of a canoe dam surrounded by dense reeds on a resort that was close by...
  3. BredliFreak

    Herpetofauna around Kosciusko (spelling) and jindabyne areas

    Will be up there soon. Could anyone tell me what kind of reptiles and froggies live up there? And good places to find them.
  4. NickGeee

    Mornington Peninsula Herping

    Here are some pics from the past week i took down at the Mornington Peninsula, which is about an hour south east of Melbourne. I had afew species in mind, including the metallic skink, swamp skink and white lipped snake. I had photographed swamp skinks and seen white lips before, but mettalics...
  5. GeckPhotographer

    Recent-ish Photos.

    Some pictures from herping and random adventures over the past while I guess. Done a bit of stuff here and there and photos some places and what not. Post is somewhat lengthy already so not much info with each picture. If you want a bit more follow the flickr link and most have a more lengthy...
  6. richoman_3

    Summer VIC herping finds

    Couple quick trips, not really too much here... enjoy.. if you want more info on anything let me know. Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) head detail by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Tessellated gecko (Diplodactylus tessellatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Spotted Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes...
  7. stusnake

    After photos for guide book

    G'day all. I'm currently writing a small book called 'A Guide To Snakes Of The NSW Mid North Coast'. The book is now in the design stage getting backgrounds and cover sorted and photos to accompany species information. Currently I'm short a few images for certain species and some species pics I...
  8. moloch05

    A few photos from the Snowy Mountains

    I've just returned from a two-night trip to Kosciuszko National Park. I visited the area to try and find a few of the alpine reptiles and butterflies that I had not yet seen. Most of my time was spent in the Charlotte Pass area along the summit walk to Mt. Kosciuszko. The weather was mostly...
  9. S

    5 snakes in Australia - ID requested, please

    Hi all, Last november, I've encountered several snakes. Could you please help me identify these creatures? I tried to catch them on camera. Not all of the pictures are showing the entire snake, but I hope it's clear enough to analyze. Myself I thought that these are 1. Eastern Brown, 2...
  10. cheekabee

    Recent 2013 herping

    Just a few recent shots from 2013 before 2014 starts. Early this year I went to the mallee with Nick (richoman on this site), matt(python_owner) and a few other guys who aren't on this site (steve and dan). Bandy Bandy(Vermicella annulata) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Dark-Spined Blind...
  11. N

    Hello everyone new to site looking for info on keeping snakes in tasmania....

    :) hi I am in Tasmania and I am looking at getting a snake but find it hard to get info I need done some research is the herpetology permit the only thing I need to keep a snake in Tasmania?? any other licence needed ? and information would be great I have seen there is a couple people on this...
  12. Woma_Wild

    Close up head shots.

    I'd like to see head shots of various adult pythons so please post away.
  13. PythonOwner25

    Melbourne and surrounds Sep/Oct

    Just a few recent pics from various days herping throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, September and October 2013. Enjoy! Little Whip Snake (Parasuta flagellum) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on...
  14. richoman_3

    Recent Melbourne Herping

    just some of my more recent pics start with the snakies Little brown Juvenile Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Juvenile Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Big brown! Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick...
  15. zack13

    ID Oberon NSW

    Anyone want to help me out with this one? It was found in Oberon NSW. Thanks
  16. saintanger

    snake ID

    found in sydney south west, its very small. has yellow line on either side that extends backwards. i think its a golden crowned snake but am not sure.
  17. Divan

    can anyone help me with what snake this is?

    we just found this little guy outside on the deck, I don't get the head in the photo but it was brown and looked like a crown snake, or maybe a little less white on the head.. just wanted to know if its still safe to be outside ATM. it's nighttime here btw
  18. R

    Advice on baby Skink

    So I was giving the dog a bath and noticed a large hole in the dirt. We have had quite a lot of Wolf spiders at the moment and the kids are a little worried about em so I put the hose down it to see if it would come out.... as you do! After a while, these little white things came up and I...
  19. cheekabee

    Some of this season's finds, Melbourne

    These are just some of this seasons finds around melbourne and its surounds Unfortunately didn't get any good pics of copper heads and tiger snakes although I did see a few. And still haven't encoutered a white lipped snake to photograph. Enjoy, Akash Cunningham skink(Egernia cunninghami)...
  20. The_Geeza

    This little bub found @ work

    Was sus at first and the pic is crap but pretty sure as common as muck round here being a Marsh Snake..plz correct me if im wrong...cause pic so bad it was a nice olive colour with yellow cream stripe across mouth going down under body and small thin head with sideward eyes...was found on a coir...

    did a venomous snake handeling course today

    hey guy i did a venomous snake handling course today and if i hadnt been doing the course just to get the certificate then i would have been pretty disappointed. I have been catching vens for 17 years and thought its about time i get it on paper and legal, so i wasnt going there to learn how to...
  22. F

    Snake ID

    Someone sent these pics to Garth
  23. markannab

    What Snake Is This?

    News article: Can you identify this snake? | 3AW Neil Mitchell |
  24. caliherp

    ignorant Californian

    hello Aussie herp keepers. I was wondering about the legalities of keeping reptiles in Australia?
  25. J

    juvenile brown snake question/ID no photo

    probably a stupid question but anyway. yesterday i was mowing the lawn and as i was doing so i looked down and saw a very tiny snake about 25 to 30cm in length it was completely brown in colour on its back and completely white on it's belly. it also had a little stripe near it's eye's. I...
  26. TaraLeigh

    Project 365- With a Twist!

    I can't do anything. 3 hours trying to upload. And I fail. I'll try again in another few months.
  27. Muzdan

    White-Lipped Snake

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the White-Lipped Snake. My girl friend accidentally uncovered one in the wild the other week. Took a while to identify but when we realised it was harmles we were dissapointed we didn't spend more time with it. They are a beautiful little snake only...
  28. elapid@

    what made you want to keep elapids?

    just curious what inspired you to the point of keeping elapids what fascinates you about them? cheers steve :lol:people that don't own them that want them may also comment
  29. Tassie97

    New Rankinia diemensis

    :D classic mnt drag basking position :) he is a cool lil fella
  30. Tassie97

    NEW Hyper? Blotched Bluey!

    hello got this bluey removed about 23 ticks but still a few more isnt she an interesting colour is she a stage of hyper? het maybe? and is it a boy or a girl thanks :) I can keep her cause i have a Tasmanian herp permit (just for all the APS experts)
  31. N

    Drysdalia coronoides venom

    Hi, I was wondering if any one have seen some information or documentation on venom or envenomation with Drysdalia Coronoides ? Thank
  32. Tassie97


    Hi this is for school do you think the Tasmanian reptile laws should be as follows? Agamidae (Dragons) Rankinia diemensis (Mountain Dragon) Scincidae (Skinks) Acritoscincus duperreyi (Three-lined Skink) Cyclodomorphus casuarinae (She-oak Skink) (endemic) Egernia whitii (White's Skink)...
  33. whiteblaze786

    Elapids in Tas - Tigers and White Lipped Snakes

    A friend of mine has recently gotten his permit down here in tas to keep elapids, the permit gives the ability to capture the snakes (copperheads, white-lipped snakes and tigers) and keep. Was just wondering if there was somebody down here in tassie that you are able to get these snakes off as...
  34. ssssnakeman

    Elapid relocation

    Thought Id make a thread for snake catchers to show off their rescued / relocated venomous snakes. Me 1st
  35. Tassie97


    Im going to try and put in a poll what are your thoughts on Tasmanians importing Australian pythons and reptiles as Tasmania has no pythons and very few lizards that can be kept as pets please poll (if it works) and post what you think :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  36. R

    outrageous comments in an article on snakes

    News.com.au # Lang Park Lawrie of Darra Posted at 6:22 PM December 14, 2010 The best way to deal with a snake is with BOILING HOT WATER! You use it to make yourself a nice cuppa and when you come back, the snake is long gone. Easy when you know how. # mumto3 Posted at 6:02 PM...
  37. Levis

    Drysdalia as pets??

    I have been searching for awhile but cant seem to find anything on them as pets? I was just wondering if you can keep them, because i have been fascinated by the genus Drysdalia ever since i found a beautiful White lipped snake :) :shock: Thanks in advance -M
  38. reptilerob

    dead snake ID

    This may well be a stupid question. Im pretty sure this is a baby brown snake, but just want confirmation. Last time i thought i found a dead baby brown it turned out to be a white lipped snake which i didnt even know we got in this area!! Is this a dead baby eastern brown snake? Found near...
  39. N

    i'm looking for breeder

    hello, do you know some tasmanian breeder ? i come from france and i can't find tasmanian reptiles breeder on the net. thank you for your help
  40. reptilerob

    The highlight of my herping season

    Well down here in my part of Victoria, my herping trips will be getting scaled right down until september now. Its getting cool, and there getting harder to find, and spare time is minimal for me over the next few weeks. By the time i get a chance to go for another decent look it will be almost...
  41. saratoga

    White-lipped Snake and Sea Snake

    Photographed this little fella out in the Otways west of Melbourne recently. We saw a couple of them sunbaking on the track down to the beach in the morning. Also saw this little guy washed up on the beach. It had come in with the tide and not been killed by someone on the beach. Tiger...
  42. gus11

    Melbourne = underratted DUW

    I am currently down in Vic to see the family and celebrate my sisters 21st. since its been a few years i decided i'd best make the most of it and find some herps! Thankfully i was able to be shown around to see some herps and i was more than excited by what i have found the past 3 days. as i've...
  43. reptilerob

    snake ID

    Firstly, i appologise for posting a photo of a dead snake, like most people here i much prefer to find live ones, but my wife and I found this dead small snake in one of our herping areas, and we are not 100% sure what it is. Personally, i believe its a baby eastern brown snake, but my wife...
  44. jase75

    White Lipped Snakes

    It was a warm night on Friday night here in Canberra so i decided to go for a drive and see if i could find anything. I have only just moved here and one of the snakes i really wanted to find was a White Lipped Snake.I been trying to find one for years now without any luck.I went on my usual...
  45. jase75

    Tiger Snake

    I have recently moved to the ACT and decided it was time i went for a bit of a walk to see what i could find. It was a really hot day here so there was alot of Reptiles active. I mostly found Lizards but was really happy to find a Tiger Snake sheltering between some rocks. Heres some pics -
  46. moloch05

    Aussie Elapids

    A guy on another forum made these disparaging remarks about our elapids. His comment was: I decided to reply and thought that some of you would enjoy these pics as well. I am sure that you will agree that we have plenty of brilliantly coloured snakes that are various shades of olive...
  47. ssssnakeman

    Dont tell me it wasnt a brown snake !!.

    Got a call from a lady in Sorrento today. She told me about a brown snake that was in her garage. On the phone she sounded quite panicked and i tried to put her mind at ease a bit by talking to her. I told her that brown snakes dont occur in her area and the brown coloured snake she saw was...
  48. moloch05

    Eastern Tasmania, Nov09

    My wife and I have just returned from a four-day trip to Tasmania. Most of our time was spent in the Hobart area, but one day, we drove along the east coast. We visited Ben Lomond National Park and then continued as far north as the Bay-of-Fires. The weather in Tasmania is often cool so we...
  49. ReptilianGuy

    copperhead Vs RBB

    went herping today around some of the fire struck areas in gippsland this arvo, anyway good day in all, however, there was this 1 that i didn't tail due to the higher risk of being tagged, didn't have any equipment to pin the head with me.... anyway it was a snake i at first belived was a RBB...
  50. K

    Id Required: Brown Snake with Legs ?

    Hiya, Just came across a lizard about 25cm long that looked like & moved like a brown snake in Upper Blue Mountains, NSW. All brown with no pattern, and scales v. similar to a brown snake. It was slightly lighter than the local brown snakes. No distinct tail - the body merged into the...