pseudonaja nuchalis

  1. S

    Snake ID required

    Hi all Hoping someone can help me identify this unfortunate snake Thanks! Scott PS - the last photo was from a different day, so may represent a different snake!
  2. C

    Help Identify Snake in Central Australia - Eastern Brown / King Brown perhaps?

    Hi experts, I'm hoping that you are able to identify the following snake I saw while walking to Serpentine Gorge in Central Australia. It was approx. 1-1.5 m long. Cheers - Cian
  3. B

    Can You Identify This Snake Please

    I live in rural WA,my cat caught this snake yesterday in the yard,it was chewing on its tail,it was about 10 inches long, and the poor snake was attacking it in return,the cats alright but i had to kill the snake,its last 75 mm was gone,cat ate it. I think a Guarda? I saw a big 5 foot Guarda...
  4. saximus

    Are textilis really that bad?

    I have a query that's been in the back of my mind for a while and I'd like to hear mainly from the field herpers and/or snake catchers if possible. I find that even with reptile friends and people who have a healthy respect for snakes that EBs are the only snake they won't trust and that they...
  5. M

    Chased for 100 yeards by a king brown!?

    An old post on another forum, skip to page 4 for a bit of a laugh
  6. Stuart

    Pseudonaja Pics and Talk info

    Hi Guys and Gals, Due to an unfortunate incident the other day where an individual was unlucky enough to be bitten by a Pseudonaja sp (I didnt see the snake but it was ID'ed by the paramedic that attended the scene and the VDT returned a positive for Brown Venom according to same paramedic) I...
  7. PythonOwner25

    A weekend at Kakadu!

    Hey all, flew up to Darwin then headed to Kakadu National Park for the weekend (25th - 29th April). Here is just some of what we found, hope you enjoy the photos :). Fresh Water Crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Frill-necked Lizard (Chlamydosaurus...
  8. GeckPhotographer

    Fun Snake ID

    So guys, this has actually already been ID'd for me from multiple trusted sources, but I didn't ID it myself. I thought since the photo quality was pretty poor I'd put it up here and see how you guys went IDing it, and I'll let you know if you're right or not. Untitled by Stephen Mahony, on...
  9. Jonesy1990

    Name that snake.

    Found about six of these guys the other day and heap of bobbies. [/IMG]
  10. I

    Bad press for the venomous?

    How many have first hand experience of this? I've just done a phone interview for my local rag about the "snake season" concerning my past experiences/ what householders can expect this season, kept reiterating that if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone and all the interviewer really...
  11. SteveNT

    Who am I

    Found this bloke out during the day on a track near the Roper River. Yellow belly, faint bar above the eyes. 4-5 foot long. Very quick. Any guesses?
  12. bobby-van

    Is your snake cage defensive?

    Is it pretty common for most pythons to be cage defensive? My little 6 month old Diamond Python is quite cage defensive and a little snappy when you try to get her out of her click-clack, but once she's out she's as timid and cuddly as ever. I'm thinking it could also be to do with her being so...
  13. P

    Some information please- do snakes chase people?

    I was going for a walk yesterday along a creek at the base of the Blue Mountains having a great old time when I climbed the bank to go around an obstacle and came face to face with a very large snake - very dark coloured but I don't think it was a red bellied black. I was probably about two...
  14. H

    Speckled Brown Snake (Pseudonaja guttata)

    Does anyone in Australia keep/breed Speckled Brown Snakes (Pseudonaja guttata) that look like any of the following? Brown.jpg Speckled Brown Snake Pseudonaja guttata
  15. T

    Urgent Help Needed!

    So work called me up and told me there was a Snake stuck on a sticky mouse pad trap. I just want an ID if possible and any suggestions how to get it off without harming me or the Snake? Thanks guys.
  16. Magpie


    Goanna : Death adder : Alligator : RBBS : Frog : Sandswimmer Stoked Cunningham Gecko Quolls (oops) Whitelip Copperhead Bobtail Pilbara Rentie Kimber Ugly frogs
  17. M

    Snake Skin ID

    Hello Snake Fanciers! Clearing a tree I have chopped down nr Brisbane and found the following snake skin in the branches. Approx 1500mm long. 11 dorsal scales. I'm fearing the worst! :rolleyes: Still got a lot of stuff to clear, will it still be about, and where would it be lurking? How fast...
  18. Poggle

    Understanding Identification.

    Hi all, I am making this thread to assist with people making I.D's of snakes. Have been alot of threads lately and people guessing at I.D's. So i am making this thread for it. Please feel free to post pics of snakes for peopleto try and figure out what it is. Please explain your reasons for...
  19. M

    G'day from W.A.

    I've just joined, so hello every body! I've always had an interest in reptiles, particularly lizards, but I don't keep caged pets, preferring to observe them in the wild so to speak. I am fortunate that I live in a country town and have a reasonably large garden where several species of lizards...
  20. moloch05

    Wild Queensland -- Nov 2011

    I had to use lots of accumulated leave this year and I never like to waste it at home. So, after returning from Italy, I set off on a photography trip with a friend (Ted) and his son (Andrew) from Arizona. Ted and I explored the deserts in California and Mexico 40 years ago when we were in...
  21. lizardman59

    herping perth hills western brown

    Herping in perth hills (Western brown) - YouTube yeh me and 69blottfilms69 found this western brown in our herping vid we made today alot better vid then the last one 69blottfilms69 is getting a canon 550d and im getting a nikon d70 for christmas so expect alot better quality soon but still the...
  22. Tassie97

    Chased by a brown?
  23. lizardman59

    Western brown (gwardar) found in Perth bush

    A couple days ago me and a couple of my mates went herping and we saw our first Elapid in the bush so yeh my mate filmed it and uploaded it to his YouTube account also I'm not the One poking it with the stick also the filming Is pretty shaky and bad because we were in shock that we found one...
  24. T

    Snakes on the home front

    While doing my regular toad patrol at home tonight I took some photos of other night prowlers. Slaty-greys are out all year round mostly getting into the fish (natives) in my ponds. I've seen up to 4 different individuals in a night, but mostly only 1 or 2. The Night Tigers are less...
  25. H

    in my garden will it bite me

    just saw a large yellow snake with a black head in my garden9humpty doo northern territory) - he was pretty keen to get away from me - funny i was pretty keen to get away from him too. does anyone have any idea what it is
  26. garthy

    Herp bible???

    Which herp books/author do you read or use as your bible? eg, Shine, Hoser, Barker/Barker, Swan plus many more? I have found Swan to be easy to follow and interesting. In my opinion, spending some dollars on good reading/reference material is a must, more should do it!
  27. G

    Have you ever felt like you just dodged a bullet?

    Have you ever had an experience that left you thinking…..sheesh that was a close one! Here is one of mine that sticks in my mind and I often think about it still. About 3 years back I was living in Jabiru and found a great fishing hole. I would not catch big fish but would always catch...
  28. W

    Does anyone keep Ingram's brown snakes?

    Are there any Ingram's brown snakes Pseudonaja ingrami in captivity? Anyone bred them? M
  29. ssssnakeman

    Elapid relocation

    Thought Id make a thread for snake catchers to show off their rescued / relocated venomous snakes. Me 1st
  30. G

    show us ya dead on road stuff thread

    ok I'll start with a sandy
  31. mysnakesau

    Snake ID

    Can you please tell me what this is? I was thinking Eastern Brown but he isn't cranky enough and the white flecks in it look tree snakish. So I am confused as to what this little guy really is.
  32. C

    Moving from Adelaide to Perth with Murray Darling

    Hi Guys. I'm moving to Perth from Adelaide and I wanted to know if I can take her with me? Cheers.
  33. A

    Snake ID Please

    Hello! Can a kind soul help me identify what kind of snake this is. I encountered her in South Australia near Ceduna from memory on the gateway to the Nullabor if that helps. Much Obliged. ant
  34. Elapidae1

    Handling non Identified snakes

    Just want peoples thoughts. There is a thread at the moment where someone has been criticized for heading a snake he couldn't identify, he appeared to have at least some knowledge in handling snakes, I have some experience in handling, mainly spotted brown (dugite) and Western Tigers these are...
  35. medz84

    hairy moments of the none captivity type!!

    love to hear some stories of close calls anybody has, for me it wasnt quite a close call but did give me a fright last christmas break i was brushcutting our yard over the break when i had my foot move from under me and a decent size black snake slivered out from under my foot ( i was in some...
  36. Nodrog

    Eastern Brown

    While watching my eastern today i realized that they are a really ugly Snake i was just wondering if anyone else thinks that aswell?. I will get a couple of pics up as soon as i find me camera!!!
  37. G

    Anyone been bitten by something venomous?

    Has anyone out there been bitten by a venomous creature? and if so what creature, what were the circumstances and what effect did it have? I just thought it might make an interesting thread.
  38. goneself

    Rock Python

    Hey all- I've recently been offered a nothern territory rock python (liasis oenpelliensis) Haven't seen any aound and just wondered if anyone here kept/bred/knew anything about them..
  39. Bench_Warmer01

    Snake ID - Kimberley Western Australia

    I saw this snake over a 3 day period at night in the staff accomodation area at work, and after the last king brown here had boiling water and huge rocks thrown on it, ( before I arrived) There's no way i'd let any reptile suffer that fate here. Anyway, I caught it and relocated it after...
  40. waruikazi

    Arnhem Land snakes

    This is some of the stuff i've found over the past few weeks and had a camera handy for. Keelback Another keelback that i pulled off the road, was one of the biggest i've seen but is apparently about the average size for out here. A gwardar. It's in a maggot filled bin...
  41. redbellybite

    Interesting ...

    I found it interesting in what type of anti vens are used for different species .... Immunotype Treatment of snakebite in a clinical setting depends in part on the immunotype to which the speces belongs. The Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) helps with determining this information...
  42. aspidito

    Wild caught

    Help needed from the Elapid experts, can you ID this snake caught in the far north of SA. Cheers, Paul.
  43. Sturdy

    Can you ID this.

    Hay guys. Mate of mine bred this.. Have a guess at what it is.
  44. Snakeman97404

    Tell use you story

    Tell use your most silly,stuped or funny story that has happened while being around a snake. Mine is when l was on by bed and had my Olive out and I started to brush dirt off witch was from the dog. And when I checked on my snake she was all ready to bite me thinking my hand was food. I moved...
  45. AMY22

    Close Calls...

    Last night when I went to feed Monty I had a bit of a close call because of a bad decision, I decided to put his food in his tank while he was crawling around the room hoping that when I put him back in the food would make him go straight back in (he’s not always very fond of having to go back...
  46. benmcalpine

    ID Please

    Whats this is it an Inland Taipan or mulga Cheers Ben
  47. Z

    BHP's + vens take 2

    Aha, I knew there was a reason for rumours of BHP's breeding with vens around here...and after getting shot down in my previous post about it I have found a web page which dispels this myth...
  48. kel

    youtube idiots kids vs cobra obviously this snake has its fangs removed but this is still one of the most stupid things ive ever seen
  49. twodogs

    what snake?

    Hi. I have been asked to identify a snake. The only info given was.: Orange body with blue bands and seen in the northern territory. Any info is greatly appreciated Thanks. Danny
  50. wardy

    Snake ID help please.

    my mate was fishing in NT today and spotted these anyone know thier ID? thanks