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NSW Female Olive Python

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001.jpgSpecies Common Name
Olive Python

About 8 years old

Around 9 feet (~2.74m)

Quantity Available

Bred By
Daniel Garcia

General Description
I was told she is heterozygous by the breeder. She has never been bred. Is in good condition. Takes large rabbits really well when its feeding time. I have more photos available upon request.

Londonderry, NSW 2753

Willing to Freight?
No, you'll need to pick her up.

Contact Details
Belinda White

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)
AKL 089118003.jpg

Other Details
She is kept in a 2.4m cage at the moment which I am willing to sell with her for an extra $100 if interested.001.jpg
I am moving house and she can not move with me, so I need to find her a good home soon.
Not open for further replies.