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Mar 18, 2018
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I have an 10 year old children's python and need help with heating.
I have just moved to a town that regularly drops to -2 or lower. I'm not sure the best way to heat her tank. Previously she had a daytime basking spot set to 32° and a heat cord under the 1/3 of the tank, of set to a constant 28. I kind of feel after reading some threads here I might not have been heating her tank correctly, I just followed the advice from the breeder.
Anyway now I have changed to a 50 watt ceramic heat emitter globe to keep her ambient temp up. She still has her heat cord (I can't remember the wattage )but it is struggling to maintain temperature. Her tank is 90 x 60 x45 with 6mm foam board covering all sides except the front for insulation.
As for substrate, I used coir peat for a short while but it got too damp and humid so I am back to using newspaper. I was advised against aspen or any kind of shaving or chips as she has her feeds in the tank.
What is the best way to heat her tank now? And the best substrate?
Thankyou for any advise, I just want to fix what I think I am probably doing wrong and learn from experienced keepers how to keep her comfortable and happy.
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Mar 12, 2023
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The heating you are currently using should be perfectly fine, just make sure you monitor the temps and check them frequently.

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