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Species Misidentification and Licensing

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G'day all.
Looking for some advice & opinions on how to deal with this matter. Recently I purchased two adult v.acanthus, turns out they are actually V.storri, the bloke I bought them off had them on license as acanthus.

Wondering how should I approach this, should I let NSW licensing know? Has anyone heard or been involved in something similar?

all opinions appreciated,


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I know in Queensland if you call them and explain the situation they will usually allow you to change the name on your logbook to the correct name. Not sure for NSW so hopefully someone will be able to let you know.
I would just call them and explain the situation. You acted in good faith.
Can you post a picture of the animals?

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I must add I haven't had this situation myself but know of a number of people who have been in the same situation as you in queensland.


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Thanks for the input butters. Good to hear I'm not the only one.

Unfortunately I was trying to upload a photo, no matter what file format I used kept saying something along the lines of incorrect photo type. Will look into it tommorow!


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Yep, basically just give them a buzz and they can fix it up (emailing would probably be quicker though like all gvt in msw they dont work)


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The photo plugin is pretty hopeless. Try using Picasa, Dropbox or any other photo hosting site and link to the photos by entering the URL instead.

As for your issue, can you not just make a new entry in your logbook with the correct details or do you Sydney people have to do things differently in regards to reporting?


Just a suggestion....

What you could do is inform the licencing body that you bought two Varanus acanthurus but an acquintance who is knowledgeable felt that the species you aquired is actually Varanus storri. Then ask them can they please advise you as to what you need to do to confirm the actual identity of the species you have acquired. This puts the ball back in their court while simultaneously notifying them of your good faith. The potential error in species identification is then up to them to resolve and up to them to advise you as to what changes may be required to your record keeping.



If you're sure they're not what they were represented to be, just call OEH Wildlife and explain the situation. They know that few keepers are taxonomists, and mistakes like this can happen. If they want, they can follow it up with the seller, but my bet is they won't bother putting energy and staff time into it. The important thing for them will be that the transaction is traceable, that there's a paper trail for them to follow should it be needed in the future for some reason.



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I am sure this has happened to a lot of people with like species such as pythons within the Children's group and the different subspecies of Pogona.

However, in this instance there may be a possible licence issue in that Ackies are under the R1 Basic reptile licence and Storrs are listed under the R2 Advanced non venomous. Not an issue though Native_EWD if you have an R2.


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Just gave npws a call and told her the situation, she advised me to change the species in my ebook from v.acanthus to v.storri and leave a note explaining the situation.
[MENTION=612]Snakester[/MENTION] She actually brought that up, and luckily I do have my R2!

Thanks for all the replys and opinions. Ill throw up a photo of the pair tonight, If this site lets me!


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If you are 100% sure on what they are then just note it on your returns.

Years ago we picked up a gecko (1 of 3) in a npws ballot that they had misidentified.Notified them and was told to just make a note in our returns.Asked if they were going to notify the other 2 recipients of the geckos that they were miss ID'ed and they didn't seem too interested in letting them know so it seems it's not much of an issue anyway.
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