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  1. El3ctric E3l

    Ackie or tristis?

    So I've been quite interested in dwarf monitors for a while and I've been thinking of getting one in the distant future. The two species I've been the most interested in are ackies and black-headed/freckled monitors. I'm interested to hear what people think of the two species (temperament-wise...
  2. Lukecee


    This fella is coming up close to 2 years old now, is he/she small for its age ? I expected it to be a bit bigger by now ...
  3. Lukecee


    Had my ackie for 12 days now, he/she is supposedly aroundb8 months old, 25cm approx and 15 grams approx. Brought him home and let him settle for a couple days, then re arranged his whole enclosure adding new substrate and hides etc, a bit of forced handling was also done during the purchase of...
  4. J

    Newbie Ackie questions

    Hi I am looking at getting a Ackie in the next few months and have some questions regarding what colorations are available and what that are referred to as. I am waiting for this seasons hatchlings to become available and id love a high colour animal but am a little confused with the different...
  5. Operation-Goanna

    Small Monitors?

    For the last yr or so I've been into monitors, and because of the lack of space I can't get a V.indicus or really anything 2 ft+ so i've made a list of monitors. Black headed monitor (small subspecies) Ridge tailed/acky monitor Pygmy mulga/stripe tailed monitor Short tailed monitor. I live in...
  6. S

    Heating/Lighting Setup Stimson's python

    Hi everyone, newbie here. I was just wondering if anyone could help me setting up a home for a Stimson's python. I am waiting for my reptile license to come through and I thought I'd use the next couple of weeks to buy all the supplies and setting everything up before I start looking for a...
  7. R

    Time for a new lizard/monitor

    Hello everyone, I'm still relatively new to the reptile scene (I got my first blue tongue 6 months ago) and so far we are getting along great, I've found out his "personality" and what he likes and dislikes and it's all running smooth. So now I want to get another reptile, something relatively...
  8. HerpNthusiast

    Enclosure Furnishings

    Hey everyone well i've received some fake plants, a big hide and driftwood from a friend, he previously used these for his Bredli python and i wish to use them for my ackie and maybe my levis. it's only really the plant and piece of driftwood everything else is too big to fit in his current...
  9. B

    Sand monitor care

    Hey. Myself and my father have been thinking of a keeping a sand monitor as our next herp. I would love to see some of your enclosures and any tips and tricks you may have. I would also appreciate a full care sheet cause i cant seem to find one anywhere on the internet!:)
  10. HerpNthusiast

    Ackie Enclosure and Diet

    Hey everyone so my ridge tail is going great we've been feeding him on crickets and turkey mince and he's going really well but i was wondering is there anything else that he can eat different types of mince or something else entirely he doesn't seem quite fond of pinkies. He currently measures...
  11. HerpNthusiast

    Ackie Shedding

    Hi my ackie is almost out his used but there's still a bit clinging to his tail so does anyone have any tips to help remove it?
  12. andynic07

    My ackie monitor

  13. E

    Spot the lizard!

    So today I went looking for Bertie my ackie, and after pulling up all of her many hides and looking under the rocks, and feeling the paper on the walls I started to have a mini heart attack when I couldn't find her. I started looking around the enclosure for any means of escape when I found her...
  14. pinefamily

    Ackie trio for sale

    Species Common Name Ridgetailed monitor Age approx. 3 years old Length appropriate Quantity Available 3 Bred By General Description Ackie trio for sale. Sex unknown. Sell for $500 or $200 each. Photos on request for serious buyers. Location Adelaide Willing to Freight? At buyer's...
  15. Stuart

    So its been over a year

    So it’s been just over 12 months since I took over ownership of Aussie Pythons and Snakes and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the patience, feedback, advice and support through the transition period with its up and downs. All site stability issues that I could see at the time are now...
  16. Stompsy

    Kimberley Rock Monitors

    Hi Guys, So, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the politics of having certain species added to keepers lists, however I have fallen head over heals with Kimberley Rock Monitors but alas, they are not available to keep in Victoria. So, my question is.... what is the process to have any given...
  17. snakegirlie

    New addition

    My new baby, sammy the Lacey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. KingsReptiles

    Red Ackie vs Yellow Ackie

    Hi all, i am thinking of getting a pair of ackies soon, and i was wondering what is the difference between red and yellow ackies? I know red is bigger and yellow is usually tamer but are they the same species or not. If they are the same species are they seperate subspecies? What is the...
  19. billygt

    Bearded dragon, blue tongue or ackie monitors-sa

    General Description LOOKING FOR BREEDERS OF BTS, BD, AM OR ANY OTHER GECKOS[knob tailed] Location south aus Willing to pay for Freight? negotiable Contact Details private message me for email Other Details
  20. billygt

    Bearded dragon, blue tongue or any other ideas

    Hi everyone im new to this site [noob alert:oops:] and ive been doing TONS of research over the two lizards and im still debating over the 2. i have other reptiles so im not new to the passion but i want something with personality. if you have any other great reptiles leave them below as well...
  21. T

    Ackie monitor stuck shed?

    So iv had my ackie for a while now and when i first got him he had a small kink in his tail. I gave him a soak today and it appears its going to fall off, but i also notices his front toes looked very fat compared to the back toes, was wondering if this is because of a stuck shed build up? Or...
  22. J

    Red or yellow ackie

    Hi im posting a picture that is not mine. I have worked with plenty of ackies to figure out the difference, this animal does not look like a red to me, however I can't seem to get these people to understand it ls not a red ackie and they are asking way to much money for yellows and I don't want...
  23. HerpNthusiast

    URGENT: Ackie Advice

    Hey everyone, My 4 month old ackie is acting odd. Yesterday i noticed he took some time in his hide rather than come out and about this was at 4:30 and he hasn't done this before he is currently going through a shed but we do have a heat pad under his hide (just to boost his ambient temp. at...
  24. RoryBreaker

    Poached WA reptiles found in Vic
  25. T

    Introducing ackie?

    So i got two ackies from seperate breeders and tried to introduce them. One is 6 weeks old and the other about 12 weeks. I got home from school early one day (lucky) to find that the smaller one had found its way into the bigger ones enclosure. When i looked in the enclosure i saw the big one...
  26. T

    Sick ackie?

    So i got an ackie yesterday i picked him up from the airport and when i got home put him in a tub with a heatmat and a couple hides. This morning he hadn't moved from where i saw him last, i touched him and he moved a bit then stopped again, and his eyes were closed. Iv put him under a basking...
  27. aoife

    I'm back on APS after 6 YEARS!!!!

    So, as the title states, it's been quite a while since I've been on here. How are y'all doing & what new babies (herps) have y'all got? ;) aoife
  28. Nero Egernia

    Calming or "Taming" Monitor Lizards

    This is a topic that I have relatively little experience in, and as a result I've been scouring many sources to satiate my curiosity. From what I have found there appears to be two schools of thought, "complete and constant exposure" to humans and their environment such as regular handling...
  29. S

    Getting appropriate amount of UVB...

    Hey all, I'm just trying to get the right amount of UVB to a trio of Coastal Ringtailed Geckos I recently purchased, and I'm a bit concerned that my current setup isn't getting the right amount of UVB to them. I currently have two 25w 5.0 UVB compact fluoros in a hood on top of the terrarium...
  30. T

    Ackie enclosure

    Thought id share my ackies setup, im getting another one in a couple weeks, iv built a custom enclosure and background for when they're a little older, ill make sure to post tht in diy secrion soon Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  31. T

    Axkie humidity

    So i recently got an ackie monitor, and im a little confused when it comes to humidity. From what iv read its his substrate that should be moist so he can burrow, but not the air?He started shedding and i dont want him to loose fingertips or end of his tail. The heat light drys it out very fast...
  32. HerpNthusiast

    New Ackie - Feeding

    Hey guys i got a new ackie today, he's a hatchling and i've already gotten some crickets, i chucked about 5 small crickets in to see how hungry he was so far nothing. So any ideas P.S. i forgot to check with the breeder if he had been fed today he's also in mid shed.
  33. Smittiferous

    Anyone get anything from the VHS expo?

    Went there unsure of what was available, was hoping for a Spencer's.... Instead I made off with an RSP, a pair of N. Levis and a V. Indicus (latter two from Haberfield's Reptiles) What (if anything) did anyone else pick up??
  34. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  35. N

    Show us your: Forgotten Reps / Reps you would like to see more of or in captivity

    I agree with @BredliFreak for the Delmas, and I personally would love to see some more Pygopus. The common scaly-foot, especially with the variety of colours it can be, is gorgeous and would make a very interesting animal to own ("thrives on banana in captivity" -Cogger 2014). Also think...
  36. HerpNthusiast

    Best Lizard to Handle

    Hey guys i started a thread to look in depth into the care of a central netted dragon but thinking back i also would like to know what lizard is a good handler i will most likely get a netted i know they are a mostly look but don't touch animal. Anyway below is the three lizards i've chosen to...
  37. jakehendo

    New Three Stack Enclosure Build.

    hey guys so i'm going to build a three bay enclosure that will look something like this. i have built on previously and am now making a new and improved one for my other bearded dragon and maybe an Ackie in the near future. two of the enclosures will be on thermostats but one will not be, the...
  38. P


    Does anyone know who I can contact regarding purchasing a Pygmy Mulga Monitor or Ridge Tail Monitor. After a hatchling for my 12 son.
  39. BredliFreak

    Ackie requirements

    So for a while I've been thinking of getting an ackie pair, so could anyone tell me about the husbandry/potential problems/advice for these guys? - - - Updated - - - Anyone? - - - Updated - - - Bump. Surely someone on here keeps ackies? - - - Updated - - - I'll try this again... Anyone...
  40. jakehendo

    Ackie Monitor

    hey guys so i was thinking about getting an Ackie Monitor or two, i have bearded dragons and have a three stack enclosure and am going to build a new one in the coming new year, which will have three enclosures stacked on top of each other 1200x600x600mm just wondering would the Ackie Monitor be...
  41. T

    Arcardia t5 12% uv

    So I'm in the process of ordering and installing uv in my ackie enclosure (yes, apparently its not necessary but I'm doing it anyway) and am getting the 34 inch tube. Does the fitting have to be special, or will any do? and a reflector, my enclosure is about ~4 feet tall, is one of these...
  42. pirate_reps

    Is this an alright enclosure setup for my tristis monitor? check out my new black headed monitor setup if you have the time ^ Does anyone have any advice of what i need to change/ or add to the setup?.. I feel as though i need a bigger enclosure being a monitor and all. I will definitely upgrade size...
  43. Smittiferous

    Sand monitor, possible MBD, what are my short-term options?

    Hi all, Yesterday my little sandy was all fine and dandy, monkeying about the place as he usually does. Got home from work today to find the poor feller suffering serious lethargy and obvious muscle spasms. Searching here, and googling seems to point to MBD. List of observed symptoms are as...
  44. pythonmum

    Best herps (and other ectotherms) for schools

    Next year I start a new position as Head of Environmental Education at my school. I will oversee a large outdoor area, a small indoor area and some native bees (Trigona), goldfish and hens. (The goldfish are in a lovely formal pond, but you never see them.) A blue tongue lives in the garden, but...
  45. T

    Red ackie?

    I recently made a thread about the backboard for the enclosure, now with the enclosure sorted i need some info on the ackies. Im planing on keeping a pair in a 4x2x4 LWH is this big enough? I'm kind of regretting not making the enclosure with an extra foot or two of floor space. I was planing on...
  46. T

    universal rock backgrounds?

    Hi, building an ackie cage and was thinking of getting a 3d ledge background from universal rocks. They look pretty good on there website, especially soon as you can get them in bendy stuff rather than foam. anyone used these backgrounds before? what are ur thoughts on them?
  47. BredliFreak

    What's happening?

    Basically, I want an update. How collections are going, herps you are seeing and wish list stuff etc. As for me, I've got a couple of updates. Red and Lizzie are going strong, snuggly and placid as usual. Red made his first public appearance when I showed off my new cage I'm working on at a...
  48. C

    Monitor lizards!

    Just thought I would start "show of your monitors thread" so photos please! :lol: :D :P My three! Old photo of my Varanus Mertensi when he was young. My 2 juvenile Varanus Storri
  49. Cunninghamskinks

    Thinking of getting another monitor what species

    Hey Guys what monitor should i get next. i have a ackie and im looking to get another.... advice needed>>>>
  50. BredliFreak

    You know you're a herper when...

    Recreating the classic threads: Part 2: ...When no-one knows what the hell you mean by "Amazing DIY WA Marm enclosure" ...When every tub you see is a rack, every part of your house you can convert into an enclosure in your head and every rock, log and bloomin' thing in the bush is a potential...