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  1. H

    Boyd’s Forest Dragon Breeding

    Hey guys, I have two juvenile Boyd’s forest dragons, one is about 6 months and the other about 8 months. It’s currently breeding season for them and though I’m assuming that they are too young to breed, they’ve been showing to be what I think is breeding behaviour. They have both started...
  2. Laefiren

    Do baby frogs make noise?

    Recently (especially when I’m feeding them or watering the plants in their tank) I’ve been hearing kind of chirping noises? It’s definitely not crickets. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch it on video as it’s short and rather random. They’re definitely too young to be making breeding...
  3. Noureldebal

    Children’s python not eating ADVICE

    ADVICE PLEASE:Hi I have a 5 month old children’s python that I was feeding a pinky to once a week that he would happily take, after his shed I upped his meal to a fuzzie and gave him a few extra days before feeding him so around 12 days between each feed, I have noticed since switching the size...
  4. K

    Angleheaded Dragon Eye issues

    Hey guys, Im wondering if anyone else has come across this weirdness. I have a baby (6 months old), Angle headed Dragon, and just yesterday I noticed the inner eyelid looks like its swollen and bulging out of the socket. My friend had the same issue with her Adult AHD, and unfortunately the wee...
  5. KingTommo719

    How to "tame" Snappy juvenile?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the python keeper's game. I got a South-Western Carpet python 2 weeks ago, currently 16 months old. I have handled him a few times already for short periods (3 - 5 minutes). He does not enjoy this at all. Has anybody else had this problem? Should I just stick with it...
  6. J

    Diamond python juveniles, $220 each (SOLD)

    Diamond Pythons (Morelia spilota spilota) juveniles from black/gold/white parents (see photo). These three were held back from last year’s clutch because they were slow to start feeding. They are all feeding well now on hopper mice and are ready to go. They will make great pets as the have a...
  7. A

    Juvenile Children's Python feeding behaviour

    Hi, here's my first post in here! My children's python Artie is about 11 months old and has always had a fairly calm temperament. Just recently, though, he's been very snappy and active, wriggling around to the point it's hard to hold him in the one spot. I've been feeding him one pinkie mouse a...
  8. Hanz Hapin

    (Help!) BHP 4 month old - defensive & elusive

    Hi all, I this is my very 1st snake I purchased from VHS Expo yesterday. A 4 month old black headed python. I noticed that I cannot seem to handle him well as he always try to escape or coil up in a defensive pose. He also twitches or get spooked out very easily when I make sudden movements...