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  1. Laefiren

    Semi aquatic/aquatic species?

    I absolutely love the idea of a paludarium but I’m not really sure what kind of animals would work with it apart from perhaps turtles. I believe we only have about 5 aquatic frogs but I may be wrong. The lizards I’ve found that seem to like lots of water seem to be more of an outside pet as they...
  2. Laefiren

    Looking for skink book recommendations

    Anyone got any skink books they’d recommend? I’ve been trying to get a copy of the Danny Brown one but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.
  3. Laefiren

    Where do people get their live feeder insects from?

    I'm looking into bulk buying insects as my tree frogs are very avid eaters right now as babies. I've found a couple of places online but I would love to know what other people use and trust.
  4. C

    Python breeders

    Any python breeders in Coffs Harbour region?
  5. R

    Emerald tree Monitors

    Hi guys, long time reptile keeper. First time poster, hope this is allowed But does anyone know of anyone or company that breeds & sells emerald tree monitors? Under the new restriction easement in QLD these are now allowed to be kept under advanced/specialist licences. Always wanted one, can’t...
  6. C

    New Owner

    Hi All Ima new Reptile Dad, Owner of a T+ Stimson Python I have asked for help non stop on this site and have got it all the way from before buying my reptile wiht his enclosure and what not to help after i got him home I just want to thank everyone for letting me know some help or some tips...
  7. grimjob

    PVC reptile enclosures

    I have 2 pvc reptile enclosures that I have designed and constructed. One is 600x600 and has a toughened glass door. The second one is 900hx600x600 and doesn’t have a door for it. I no longer need them. Asking $300 each. $600 for both. Perfect reptile enclosures for cleaning and sanitary.
  8. PythonMelb

    Must Sell - Price Negotiable - 4x2x2 Ft Full Reptile Enclosure Setup - $280 - Two available

    Get a bargain - Each setup cost me approx. $1,000 in total a few years back. Selling due to relocating to an apartment. Price is negotiable and there are two enclosures available for sale. 4 x 2 x 2 Ft or 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm The enclosure & setup includes: - 1200mm x 600mm enclosure with...
  9. sebiimams

    Assembling Reptile One S2M

    So I picked up one of these large flat packed melamine enclosures from the store, and one thing became immediately apparent — I can’t put this together alone. It doesn’t come with any instructions beyond an image of how all pieces end up together. Anyone have any tips on how to support...
  10. DaNReD

    [SOLD] Huge Enclosure 1850 x 1850 x 620 Located south of Melbourne CBD

    Extremely well built, 1850 x 1850 x 620 reptile enclosure All accessories and fixtures you see in the pictures come with the enclosure 2 Ceramic fixtures and one regular fixture 3 Cages for all the bulbs. Thermostat Sliding door Hand-made ceramic reptile caves Large water dish On wheels Bottom...
  11. S

    Looking to buy baby Bearded dragon pine rivers

    New owner looking to buy a baby Bearded dragon i live in pine rivers
  12. C

    Aussie youtubers

    Hi all! I know there has been a few threads on this in the past but none of them are recent so I’m wondering if there is any Aussie reptile youtubers out there that are still active? Tried searching the ones in the older threads but a lot of them aren’t making videos anymore so if there is any...
  13. J

    Small white worms in bioactive tank

    Hi there, Im new to the forum but i was wondering if someone could help me out. Ive got a bioactive tank, that is currently housing a male southern angle headed dragon.....this moring a was doing some plant maintenance and i noticed these tiny little white worms in the soil and climbed up the...
  14. eipper

    Reptile Apparel

    We love animals. We also love quality. All images in our extensive photo library have been taken by Scott and Tie Eipper and are an accumulation of many years work. All images are copyrighted to Nature 4 You. Images from our vast collection are carefully chosen and edited to produce the clearest...
  15. M

    WA reptile law

    Hi everyone, Been wondering if anyone knows anything about the WA reptile law. From my understanding you can’t import reptiles from other states, which I find stupid because you can bring in cats and dog which can be more destructive than a snake. Does anyone know anything more on this topic...
  16. Jake B

    Juvenile spotted python $100

    Born november 2017 Parents are wild x ebony Located in VIC
  17. chloe.j.f

    Handling a fiesty spotted python

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so please forgive me for sounding like a twit :( Ive had my spotted caesar for just over a year now, he is around a year and 5 months old. i was very uneducated when i first bought him but since then have come along way. When i first got him he was like...
  18. Oscar's

    Snake Racks

    Would like to know some information on snake/reptile racks Why don't people use heat lights and uv lights in snake racks, not using uv does it cause heath issues with your reptiles?? They only use heat mats, i know a heat lamp isn't neccesary but doesnt uv give heath benefits to your reptile?
  19. C

    Blue tongue skink has a tail kink? Please help!

    Hi, I’m cal and I have a problem. Last year in September I got my own little blue tongue, who’s about 5 months old today! His name is Jupiter, and he’s got a little kink on the end of his tail. Before i got him, (I got him when he was around 2 and a half to 3 weeks old) he wasn’t in the best...
  20. Jarmo Kuhna

    Python, The sly strangler

    I dont know is this right Place to ask but I had looking for some documentary about snakes and I find out it is Python: The sly strangler from year 1997 Does anyone in here have that documentary ? I would be very grateful if I can finally get that
  21. jared_tst

    Reptile Carpet Sydney

    Hey guys, I've been searching everywhere to buy reptile carpet for substrate but can only find it in U.S stores that don't ship here. Anyone know where to get some?
  22. B

    Day/night Temperature Setting For Ecotech Advanced Thermostat L

    I've had this ecotech advanced reptile thermostat for a while, but I've never really needed the heat at night because the temperature where I live hasn't really been cool enough to drop below 18°C for my bearded dragons at night. I have the temperature set to 38°C in the day time, and at night I...