10 Month old Stimson's Python sizing

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Aug 17, 2022
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Hey guys, I have had my stimmy for just under 2 months now, she is about 10 months old and she seems to be doing well, currently undergoing her 2nd shed with me and never misses a meal. I was just curious on her size and if she is to small for her age as I have seen a lot of varying sizes. she is 68 grams and roughly 65 cm is this a healthy weight and length for her age?

any answers, help or general advice is greatly appreciated

This is Venus

Venus.jpgVenus 2.jpg
Wow she looks lovely and in good condition. I have no advice to offer, just wanted to say she looks great and is at least double the size of mine who is 8 months.
Nice looking stimmy!
Some people might say it’s big for its age but they are all different , looks great though.
They aren’t very big snakes, this is my 6 year old and she is only about 80cm


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If you want an accurate measurement measure the snake. Snake sheds are longer then the actual snake when they do shed their skin, you can see the skin in between the scales in a shed where it would usually be covered by scales on the snake so it lengthens the shed overall.


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