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Jul 21, 2010
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I have a spotted python 100% het Albino bred by myself that started to go dark from about 6 months of age and now at 17 months of age she now appears to be black when you look at her.The black has a nice sheen to it and definately increasing in darkness each shed.Her Mother is a 100% het Albino that i purchased from Alan Leahey about 7 years ago.The father is an unrelated Albino bred by myself about 4 years ago(He is very yellow in colour and has no orange on him at all).
Im interested if anyone has seen anything like this in Anteresia before,I have done lots of reading and spoke to some people and the only thing similar i can find is the IMG gene in BOAs.
I do intend to put her back over her father next year and hoping i can reproduce it. Photos of her progression from 4 months of age till last month (sorry im not much of a photographer and she looks so much better in real life)

4 months 2.jpg8 months 2.jpg13 months.jpg16 MONTHS.jpg17 MONTHS 2.jpg
Very cool to see! Hold on to it and prove it out!

Snake ranch had a line of “black Mac’s” which can be found on their Instagram.

They weren’t as black as your one though!

Interesting to note that the parents were also albino x het albino
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