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Children's Python Trio - Marble and T+ hets/poss hets

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Jun 28, 2004
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Due to freight impracticalities I've sent a buyer a refund on this lovely trio, so it's up for grabs! Probably best suited for people in Melbourne.

One female is a lovely visual marble, the other two, one male, one female, are 100% het marble, 66% het T+

Bred to this male, the visual female will produce half marbles half hets, the other female will produce one quarter marbles and potentially one quarter T+, with the lucky babies inheriting both traits being tarbles!

They all feed well (they were established and ready to go months ago, they were just held up due to freight restrictions) and are now yearlings, will be ready to produce eggs around this time next year, so it's a good opportunity to get some breeding stock now if you're keen to breed.

Generally I'm happy to freight, but currently these will probably only suit people in Melbourne (or those able to pick up in Melbourne). Interstate freight is currently logistically difficult and would work out very expensive.

Contact me here or on 0424 681 021 - SMS any time, call after 11AM.

$1250 for the trio, or I'll separate the het/poss het pair if you're keen on having a short at tarbles with just them.

Pictures of the girls are fairly recent, the male's picture is older as he's currently sloughing.

female marble.jpg

Female marble with split patch.jpg

female het m ph t.jpg

male het m ph T.jpg
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These are sold. Thanks for looking!

If anyone is keen on Antaresia I'll have marbles, hets, double hets (marble/T+) and various others in the coming season which isn't far away now. They'll most likely be cheaper than these yearlings, and freight at normal prices should be an option by then too :)
bloody hell, that was fast!

awesome animals! good luck to the buyer on future Tarbles!

ive been interested in breeding marbles/tarbles, ill definitely msg u if i make my mind up sdaji

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