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Marble Poss Het T+ Children's Python Project

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Nov 20, 2009
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Central Coast, NSW
For Sale
I have a pair of hatchie marbles Children's Python available.
Bred last season by myself. Female is poss het t+ and male is nice cream/white animal which should be unreal.
I also have two 2 year old female Poss DHs childrens for sale (poss het marble, poss het T+). I was going to prove these out myself but happy to share the love.

$1000 for the pair of marbles (female first two pics, male second two)
$500 for both adult poss hets

$1300 the lot

Pickup Morisset, 2264
Can sell marbles on their own $550 each.
Female sold and adults sold.

Marble Male still available $500


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