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Marble Children's Pythons

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Jun 28, 2004
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Marbles start at $470 (males and females), male marble 66% het T+ $520, male 100% het marbles $240, females $320 (cheaper as part of a pair/group).

All come sexed and as established feeders on thawed mice, advice for new snake keepers happily provided to buyers :)

We're in Melbourne, freight to most airports $150 (regardless of number of snakes to be sent).

I currently have about 10 available, more pictures are available of the below snakes, and I can send you pictures of more available if you're keen - email [email protected] or call/text me on 0424 681 021

I'll also have poss het albino Macs available in the near future.SFB6.JPGSMHM1 pic 2.JPGSMOML5 pic 2.JPGSMW3.JPGSMYB7.JPGSMWPHT1.JPG
hey mate im looking for a visual male marble that may be a yr old possibly i have a small possibility with my female that its a het 33 percenter ide like to try prove it out if i can can i ask if you may have a male that would help me with this ? people ask me alot about what i want in morphs ect in a childrens marble but being new to childrens i am not sure on this im more knoweledgable on jungles and bredli is all
I have a couple of juveniles which if fed generously will be ready to breed next year, but if you're after an adult proven breeder I'll probably have one or two available within a month or two. Adults tend to get snapped up quickly and cost more. If you're keen get in touch :)