Diet alternative for picky 2yr old Jungle?

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Lover Of Danger Noodles
Sep 4, 2023
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My 2yr old Jungle carpet boy Kif is very fussy with his food and seems to be getting worse. He loves to eat adult mice and quail chicks but hates Hates HATES rats with a passion. He’s already a precious baby as I have to present his food on a plate and leave it outside his hide for him to inspect first, plus I need to cover his cage because he’s a shy eater.

I can get him to eat rats if I make him wait longer for his meal but it’s frustrating both of us (he gets very pissy and knocks stuff over in his tank). Can I feed mice and quail and upgrade to chicken and rabbit when he’s bigger? I want him to enjoy his food and be healthy at the same time. Thoughts or alternative suggestions?

I should mention I’ve tried braining and scenting rats with tuna water but he’s not stupid unfortunately.
Why does he need to eat rats? If he's eating mice and quail, he's perfectly fine. Not liking rats now doesn't mean they won't eat chicken or rabbit later, or even that they won't eat rats later.

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