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Jun 4, 2014
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Victoria, BC, Canada
I've recently decided to return back into the world of (pet) reptiles after a long hiatus and have decided upon a Childrens Python. Their size, temperament, feeding response, hardiness, etc all very much appeal to me - I had a Spotted Python many years ago that I enjoyed immensely. I have found a local, reputable breeder here on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada and have given him a deposit so as to have first pick of his upcoming clutch, which is due to hatch out in the coming couple of weeks.

My question to those experienced childreni breeders/keepers; how can you discern what an adult will look like based on it's colouration as a hatchling? Do lighter coloured animals always continue to be lighter coloured, or can they change drastically from birth to adulthood?

Any insight folks could provide would be highly appreciated!

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