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  1. A

    Antaresia Breeders

    Anyone know any breeders in Brisbane selling spotted or childrens python hatchlings or yearlings. Looking to buy one immediately.
  2. G

    First Snake help

    I'm wanting to get a pet snake (in the near future) but I Don't know which to get. I've never had a snake before so I want to get one that's okay for beginners. I was looking at the Jungle Carpet Python but after being told by many people it's not a good first snake I'm looking into what...
  3. chiko64

    Spotted Python

    Species Common Name Age 6 Length 1.2 Mtr Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Very Healthy Python sheds well never refuses a feed handles well comes complete with enclosure, Hides, heat lamp, thermostat .Handles well never Bitten Location Browns Plains Willing to...
  4. nick_75

    QLD Log Book Recording stimsoni subspecies

    Hi, A quick question for any stimsoni keepers in QLD, have you recorded the scientific name of species to the subspecies? eg Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni or Antaresia stimsoni orientalis Has orientalis been officially recognised? Cheers, Nick
  5. G

    Spotted Python with split skin.

    Hi we have a Spotted Pyhton approximately 2 1/2 years old. We have been feeding him frozen mice from a local provider. He hasn't eaten for over a month. He has been drinking water. As he hasn't been active for a while we decided to get him out. We discovered a split in his skin approximately...
  6. Virides

    Spotted python adult male

    Species Common Name Spotted python Age 8 Length 1m Quantity Available 1 General Description JD is a spotted python who loves eating medium sized rats, and can be a little bit cagey especially when hungry but he’s usually fine to handle. He’s 8 years old but never been used for breeding...
  7. chiko64

    Spotted Python with enclosure

    Species Common Name Spotted Python Age 6 Length 1.2 Mtr Quantity Available Br1ed By General Description Python handles well never refuses a feed sheds well Location Browns Plains Willing to Freight? no Contact Details 0428195912 License Number (Required for NSW and SA...
  8. S

    Blonde Spotted Python (Kel Worely line)

    Species Common Name Antaresia maculosa.. Age 8 months Length small Quantity Available 1 Bred By myself General Description This is the very last one left for sale. hatched 23/01/2016 shed several times and great feeders, ready to leave for their new home. Stunning markings and colours...
  9. M

    Spotted python -a walk in the park

  10. X

    What lizards would you put in paludarium style enclosure??

    I was looking for input on what others would put in a paludarium style enclosure similar to images attached. I was looking at getting a lizard, not snake (as a member of the household is terrified) I love geckos but don't know of any that live in this sort of environment and have also looked...
  11. D

    N.s.w R1 license Records

    Hello every one I'm pretty new to the licensing thing and I'm sure it's all ready been asked but I couldn't find it. When I bought my spotted Python I logged on to the Ebook and filled out the questions its asked ( who I bought it of, there licence number, snakes gender etc) . Is that all that...
  12. RoryBreaker

    Police find spotted python in glove box.
  13. fishead

    100% het albino spotted pythons

    Species Common Name spotted python Age 7 months Length approx. Quantity Available couple Bred By me General Description Healthy and eating defrosted weaner mice. Sire is a strong healthy albino. Location Near Newcastle NSW Willing to Freight? yes Contact...
  14. R

    Spotted python hasn't eaten in a month, help!

    My spotted python, who is ~4 years old now, has refused food for the last month. I've had him for over a year now, he's been on medium rats once a week and has eaten without fail, even if he's slow about it sometimes. This is my first snake. I'm feeling a little panicked even though I've heard...
  15. L

    Female Blonde Spotted Python - with or without enclosure

    Species Common Name Blonde Spotted Python Age 5 years Length 1.2m Approx Quantity Available 1 Bred By A local Aussie Pythons breeder Description Hi reptile fans. I had this lovely female anterisa maculosa (blonde spotted python) advertised here a few months ago. I was hoping to sell...
  16. M

    Newbie Snake Owner

    Hey Team We have finally managed to get the internet at home so have been able to upload some photos. Here is Mishka our lil Spotted Python we got her from the RSPCA down in Wacol a couple months ago. Being first time snake owners it was a bit daunting but ever since moving over from New...
  17. P

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and to reptile keeping. I have (from what I believe) a coastal/diamond python that's a little over a year old. He/she has only just started to let me handle it without being snappy. It's name is George (four year old stepson named it).
  18. cagey

    Attacked by a spotted python.
  19. U

    Proven Breeding Trio of Spotted Pythons

    Species Common Name Spotted Python Age 4-5 Length Full Grown Quantity Available 3 Bred By Various General Description Breeding Trio of Spotted Pythons. Both girls produced clutches of 12 eggs this year with 100% hatch rate. Male is a very big spotted, from wild caught parents in...
  20. missie66

    Best beginners snake

    Wanting some help pls, would like some advice on the best beginners snake, the least aggressive and doesn't grow to large Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. S

    Blonde Spotted Python hatchlings .. Quad Coloured, (Kel Worley line)

    Species Common Name Spotted Python Age 3 months Length noodles Quantity Available 7 Bred By me General Description I have several hatchlings for sale. 3 months oldhatched 23/01/2016 shed twice and good feeders, ready to leave for their new home. Stunning markings and colours with great...
  22. J

    stimson python enclosure size and feeding size

    Hey guys. i have currently got a stimson python that was hatched late last year so he would be around 6 months of age currenty. i have him in a 30cm by 30cm enclosure with a heat mat. my question is what would the ideal size be 60cm 90cm? when he is older and out grown his enclosure. also he...
  23. notechistiger

    Female Spotted Python

    Species Common Name Spotted Python Female Age Breeding adult Length Under 1 meter Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description For sale is an adult female spotted python. Proven breeder, great feeder. Has an excellent feeding response. $70, pick up at Anstead, 4070...
  24. M

    Ideal Heat Gradiant

    Hey Team I have my enclosure set up but i am having issues getting a good heat gradiant. I am running a digital thermostat and have been playing with the temps on it to get the warm side of the enclosure around 32c. Problem is the cool side is sitting round 30c and i cant seem to get it any...
  25. 1

    First time owner, handling.

    Hello, first time owner here. So I recently got my first snake, a very pretty 14 m/o spotted python called Sasori, and I fed him yesterday so I want to try handling him tomorrow. I've never handled a snake before and while I am looking forward to it I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous...
  26. 1

    New Spotted Python Owner Temperature Question.

    Hello all. I recently got my first snake, a fourteen month old SP, and I'm a little confused as to what the correct temperature is supposed to be even with a lot of research . Some caresheets say 34-36 on the hot side but just as many say it should be 31-33. I've got a ceramic heat emitter...
  27. Snowman

    WA's new additions to the pet reptile list.

    WA has a very small list of reptiles we can keep. So it's pretty exciting when we get thrown another 6 species. Today the following was added: Childrens Python Common Tree Snake Yellow faced whip snake North western red faced turtle Banded knob tailed gecko Northern blue tongue skink...
  28. S

    What's going on.

    Hi guys, first time posting and unfortunately under these circumstances. I'm slightly worried about my spotted python. A few months ago he lost complete interest in feeding, I've had him for approximately 2 years since a hatchling and he's never missed a feed. After about 4 weeks of not...
  29. M

    Spotted python

    Quantity Available 1 General Description Hey guys I have a Spotted Python I am looking for a good home is regretful that I am rehoming him as he was the first snake I ever got but circumstances don't allow me to keep him :( He is not tolerable to handling at all and is will stress...
  30. R

    Old shed stuck on eye

    Hi, my spotted python recently shed, I fed him and then left him for a couple days before doing a spot clean, changing his water, etc. I took him out to have a look and discovered there's still a bit of shedding on his eye. It looks like a bit of white around the edge of one side, and then a...
  31. C

    Living Terrarium Help

    Hi Guys, I have just acquired a spotted python hatchling and am keeping him in a small enclosure with some basic furniture until he is a bit bigger. When I do upgrade him I would like to have him in an enclosure with some live plants. Can anyone here give me any pointers around what plants might...
  32. swampie

    EOI Albino spotted Python hatchlings

    Species Common Name Spotted Python Age 2 -3 months Length 25 cm Quantity Available 000 Bred By me General Description Seeking expressions of interest for hatchling albino spotted pythons. Will be ready to go in approximately 4 weeks. Strong healthy animals, feeding well on large pink...
  33. GellyAmbert

    3 y/o Male SR Blonde Spotted

    Quantity Available 1 General Description Approx. 3 yr old Blonde spotted python, good feeder, never had any issues just have decided to use the enclosure for something else. Currently feeding on adult mice and jap quails up to about 3 weeks old. Last feed was an adult king quail last...
  34. jordos

    Need help with pricing

    Hi there guys and gals! excuse me if this isn't the right forum to ask; I'm new here. i am interested in purchasing an albino spotted Python, and am just wondering how much i should expect to be paying for a hatchling. and how much should I expect freight to be for interstate delivery? cheers :)
  35. winchester

    Beginner snake suggestions?

    Hello :D I've thinking about buying a snake for a few years and deemed it too difficult without researching beforehand. I since house-shared with some friends who owned an olive python and Darwin python and have since decided I quite enjoy snakes and that with research and some tips from the...
  36. vjungle

    100% & 66% het spotted python breeding project

    100% & 66% het spotted python breeding project Species Common Name SPOTTED PYTHON Age 3 YEAR APPROX Length 3 FT Quantity Available 5 Bred By SNAKE RANCH General Description 5 SPOTTED PYTHONS, 3 FEMALE 66% HETS AND 2 100% MALE HETS. All feed on thawed rats and sometimes I...
  37. Grogshla

    Inmate keeps baby ven brown snake in cell. Story shows Antaresia LOL
  38. worx0

    New owner, understanding temperatures

    Hi, ive posted recently regarding my snake aggressive nature. ( Spotted python ) I need to know for sure about temperatures. My enclosure is a plastic tub with drilled holes, see the picture. The only source of heating i have is a decent size heat pad. I cant control temperature of it. If i buy...
  39. worx0

    First time owner, spotted python

    Hey guys, happy new year to all First time owner here, 0 experience with reptiles. Ive been reading alot about them and how to take care of them. From my understanding it seems a spotted python is a good choice for a first timer. Feeding, temperature control seems pretty straight forward...
  40. 5c077y88

    Behaviour Help

    Hi guys, new to the page. I'm new to owning snakes and I have a 12 month old blonde spotted python, about 700mm long and girth the size of a good sized finger / thumb. She's been very well behaved when being handled up until recently. She used to just move around my hands and arms with no...
  41. ViperReptiles

    Old skin stuck on face!

    My 11 month old Spotted Python shed recently, the shed was all in one whole piece and looked healthy. Then when I got him out after letting him have a days off resting, I noticed that he still has a small amount of the old skin on the right side of his face. It includes his eye cap. How can I...
  42. ViperReptiles

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey how's it going!? My name is Josh, I'm 19 years old, an amateur wildlife photographer and animal enthusiast! I have loved snakes ever since I can remember, I've own two so far. My first one was a Stimson's Python, sadly he died due to a disease. My second one is a Spotted Python! He is only...
  43. E


    My spotted python has some pretty nasty burns on her belly (she pushed her substrate out of the way and was tying on the glass with a heat mat underneath). We took her to the vet, who gave us flamazine and told us to clean it twice a day and to change the bedding (using newspaper now) twice a...
  44. L

    Blonde Spotted Python with Enclosure

    For sale is a feale Blonde Spotted Python (Antaresia Maculosa) with a beautiful 90cm long display enclosure and all equipment needed for care, cleaning, heating and feeding. She is breeding age at 5 years old and is approximately 1.2m in length. We have had her since she was a hatchling and...
  45. snakegirlie

    My collection

    Just thought I would show everyone what I have so far :) My bearded dragon Rosie she was my first reptile. Oldish pictures don't have any recent ones of my lizards My Blue tongue buddy. My first snake Hugo. He is a Murray darling carpet and he is the sweetest snake I own. Zoe my stimsons...
  46. Sdaji

    Show us Your Ants! The Antaresia Appreciation Thread!

    Looks like we need to get another one of these started! Here's a couple of patternless Children's Pythons of mine going for it. This resulted in a nice clutch.
  47. K

    Best way to thaw food for snake.

    HI all, Im new to snakes and have had this nearly 2yr old Stimpson python since May. Don't know whether male or female. It was eating fine initially, the first 2 months, taking mouse and eating straight away. Now it takes the mouse eventually but will hold it for a very long time before eating...
  48. redline

    Spotted pythons

    Species Common Name Spotted pythons Age 2 years and 3 years Length long Quantity Available 2 Bred By me General Description Hi selling 2x spotted. I have male and female. Female is 2yrs old and male is 3yrs old. both are a breeding pair. Location melbourne...
  49. miss_mosher

    Spotted Python tumor

    Hey guys, just thought I would share some pictures of a not so common occurrence. Last year, I noticed that one of my older Spotted Pythons had developed a noticeable lump lower-body. This old girl is always extremely viscous, and suddenly I was able to handle her with my bare hands (and they...
  50. M

    Breeding a Stimmy to a Spotted

    Hi, has anyone tried it? Is there any reason why we don't see many of these around? Cheers