healthy temleratures for my jungle python.

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Mar 1, 2022
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hi guys .
i have brought a temoerature ray gun for 30 bucks and have started doing some investigating in my enclosure .
i have 34 ro 27 temlerature gradient around my tank between the warmest my hide to hammocks which are cooler .
my snake has for the last week stayed on the hammocks amd has abandoned his hide even during daytime.
i suspect my enclosure to be a bit cool away from heat mat and hide but she wont go near it.
i have scanned her surface temp seems to range between 27 to 30 degrees and j cant find anywhere info on python surface temps of the actual snake she has not pooped for a week but fed well last night on two mice fuzzies aboutna same size as her belly i plan to up her food next feed.
i 10 days ago i have dropped thermostat setting by 2 degrees and added two hammocks and given larger feed size.
snake is young jungle python
50 cms and 56 grams unsure of exact age .
i am thinking of upping temps slightly but would like some advice beforehand .
thanks .

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