My 3 year old Children's Python hasn't eaten for 40 days

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Finn. S

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Jan 2, 2023
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A land down under
I have been trying to feed my children's python a hopper rat for a while now and he isn't taking it, and I'm starting to get a bit worried. His enclosure has a suitable temperature and humidity, multiple hiding areas, and I recently upgraded his enclosure to a bigger size as he had far outgrown his old one. He's been in this new enclosure for about 3 months now, and has eaten hopper rats before. He has no infections, he shows no signs of lethargy or stress and he isn't prowling around or air tasting, he's drinking plenty of water. He also isn't in shed, and it is currently summer where I am.
Is my snake just simply not hungry right now? Is there something else that could be affecting him? Or is it just that he's getting older?
Any advice would be appreciated.

He ate recently, he's fine đź‘Ť

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