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  1. K

    where do you get cheap feed items??

    hey all! As my snakes are growing bigger, and the cost of living crisis is horrid at the moment 🙃 i can’t help but find the prices of mice and rats at my local pet stores a bit ridiculous and overpriced 🥲 I was wondering if any of you have any places that you go to for affordable prey items...
  2. saltyballs

    Quality feeding tongs/forceps recommendations

    So I find myself needing another pair of tongs or forceps for feeding snakes, I prefer forceps for feeding as they hold larger rats better, just wondering where a good place to get large ones that hold well. I find the ones at any pet shop are hot garbage. I want something 50cm or so So any...
  3. J

    New owner of 22 month old Bredli Python needing advice!

    Hello all! First post here, so apologies if this is not the correct area, if I ramble on for too long, or if I’m lacking certain forum etiquette, but regardless - I’m very happy to be a part of what seems to be an awesome like-minded community. Late September this year, I became the proud owner...
  4. I

    18 month old Stimpsons isn’t eating and might be partially blind?

    A couple of weeks ago I bought my first reptile, an 18month old female Stimpson Python, she’s a beautiful little thing and very friendly. When I purchased her, the breeders informed me that she had been a somewhat fussy eater but does eat pretty regularly. She came home about 3 weeks ago and i...
  5. K

    Feeding and heat sources ????

    hello all :)) so sorry for the long post 2 questions, I haven’t had snakes for a very long time and I’m going through my first winter with my babies (my first python I got in December, second in February) 1. My first carpet is 1yr old in October - she has always been a perfect feeder, eats...
  6. M

    Feeding an underweight Stimsons Python

    Recently my ~12 year old Stimsons Python was gravid (although the eggs were infertile - she has not been in contact with any males for many years, if ever). See my previous post for context. She has had 2 rats in the last 12 months. This is not for lack of me trying and I have put it down to...
  7. K

    Looking for advice on force feeding/potential neuro???

    Edit/Update: she ate!! info in replies :) Hi all! Sorry for the long post - I have a young carpet python who’s about 3 and a half months old now. I don’t think she came from a super great breeder, she was pretty cheap, the breeder pretty much just gave me the snake and that’s it and just said...
  8. Finn. S

    My 3 year old Children's Python hasn't eaten for 40 days

    I have been trying to feed my children's python a hopper rat for a while now and he isn't taking it, and I'm starting to get a bit worried. His enclosure has a suitable temperature and humidity, multiple hiding areas, and I recently upgraded his enclosure to a bigger size as he had far outgrown...
  9. Finn. S

    Children's Python not eating

    I've had my Children's Python for just over 3 years now, and recently he hasn't been eating as much as he used to. He is three years old, never had any infections of any kind (I regularly check), his enclosure has a suitable temperature and humidity, multiple hiding areas, and I recently...
  10. O

    6 year old costal carpet - 3 months without eating?

    Hi Gang, I’ve got a 6 year old coastal carpet who normally eats pretty regularly every 4 weeks. She’s always been a pretty good eater and rarely misses feeds. Back in July we moved house, and she ate like normal a few days after moving in but hasn’t eaten since, we’re up to about 3 months...
  11. X

    Feeding Help

    My Murray Darling (around 3 years old, Male) stopped eating after shedding in June. Before then he was a great eater never missing a feed. Since then he’s only had one large rat in August and hasn’t seemed super interested since. I was wondering when I should start trying to feed him again as...
  12. Laefiren

    Feeding frogs outside their enclosure?

    So I’ve seen a lot of places on the internet where people say that they prefer to feed their frogs or lizards in a different set up to their ‘home’. Do you guys think this is a good idea? What should the feeding enclosure contain?
  13. L

    Am I feeding my stimmy enough?

    Age of stimmy is unnnown, pet store purchase. Feeding history also unknown. Only knew it was due to feed Tuesday. I fed a pinky mouse Sunday.. should I feed more?
  14. C

    6 month old antaresia not feeding

    Hey guys and girls, I have a 6 month old childrens who’s been awesome but the last 2 weeks she’s been acting strange and I was wondering is someone could shed some light on why…. I’m new to snakes so don’t have much experience hence the post. She’s been an awesome feeder that took food every...
  15. Laefiren

    When to start feeding green tree frogs once every two days?

    I can’t find a good answer on how big they need to be. I don’t actually know how old they are. In their last shed at least two of them have started getting those white spots. They frogs are about the length of my index finger now. Is this a good time to start feeding them less often?
  16. A

    How to get my ball python to eat

    I’ve had a ball python for the last three weeks. He’s about 10 months old and will not eat. His cage is at proper temp and humidity. Hasn’t been held for a week. Tried to feed him in his enclosure, that didn’t work. So I went back to the store and asked for advice they said to feed him in a...
  17. B

    Rosenberg's Monitor - Not Eating / Feeding Tips & General Care

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can gain some knowledge regarding my 1.5 year-old Rosenberg's Monitor (Heath Monitor). 1. It's been 2 weeks now and she has only eaten once and didn't eat very much at that. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue or has any ideas how to get her feeding...
  18. C

    Feeding python after shed

    Hi, so I have just bought my new Stimson hatchling, And he came home a few days ago but was in shed, now he’s finished his shed, I want to know the best way to get the pinkie mice ready to eat for him, like what the actual process is from start to finish, from taking it out of the packet...
  19. Tsuchinoko

    Adult Spotted python food size

    Hey guys, I just got a 3 year old spotted python a couple of months ago and have been feeding her medium rats which she's taken to well. I recently switched up my supplier and the medium rats I've gotten from them seem significantly larger than the ones I've been feeding her - I'm a little...
  20. R

    Just a little question re: mouth remaining open after an [attempted] feed.

    This little guy's mouth appears to be stuck in some sort of an open position and I'm unsure why. There was an attempted feeding session last Friday, but he chose to reject the food. This isn't too surprising as he had just come back from the vets for an unrelated reason (lacerations on his...
  21. S

    Young carpet python not feeding - getting stressed!

    Hi guys - proud parent of a Murray Darling carpet python (hatched in early Feb - bought off breeder in mid March). This is my first carpet python, so I've spend a huge amount of time reading books and learning as much as possible about captivity. Unfortunately the little fella hasn't eaten...
  22. A

    Pygmy bearded dragon help

    Hi there :) I've very recently bought a pygmy bearded dragon (around four days ago) and I'm not sure what to do with a few things and i have a few questions... I'm not sure how old she is? the people I got her from said that she was born late December to early January maybe, but she is quite...
  23. P

    Children's python not eating

    I've had my children's python for just over a month now and he's always been a breeze to feed, and overall a very calm snake even when I unintentionally handled him whilst in shed; but for the past two weeks he has been refusing to eat and showing no interest in the mouse at all. Upon pulling...
  24. G

    my new olive python wont eat

    hey just posting this thread here as well I recently got an olive python from an expo nearly 2 weeks ago now and she has yet to eat i messaged the breeder and he said to leave it in her cage either on her or near the entrance to her hide and neither has worked she has pooped so i know she has...
  25. Flexxx

    Rodents in WA

    Gday, Were does everyone get there frozen rodents from? Im in WA and I use to get them from a breeder I knew who stopped breeding so im looking for another cheaper source than a pet shop. TIA
  26. Earthchild13

    SWCP body condition

    Hi guys. Newbie - apologies in advance if I'm asking daft questions. Got our SW carpet in November and it was extremely thin. 80cm, 14mths old and was getting 1 hopper every 14 days. We upped it to weekly feeds of same and he put on some weight. Went through a very easy, trouble free shed a...
  27. ClintN

    Newbie feeding question

    I inherited my daughter's carpet python when she left our home in Brisbane. I am not sure about giving him his first feed for spring 5 October. There's currently no heater & the carpet python is pretty active. However, his body & eyes are looking dull, I think he's in for a shed. Normally he...
  28. V

    Stimson Python

    Hey guys. Very new to being a snake owner (almost four weeks in). I have a couple of concerns and the Pet City I got my Stimson from isn't very helpful. My Stimson was hatched on the 10/02/19. I've had her for four weeks tomorrow. She's been taking two pinkie mic since the 04/06/19 and they...
  29. Lukecee


    Had my ackie for 12 days now, he/she is supposedly aroundb8 months old, 25cm approx and 15 grams approx. Brought him home and let him settle for a couple days, then re arranged his whole enclosure adding new substrate and hides etc, a bit of forced handling was also done during the purchase of...
  30. P

    Size and Feeding Coastal Carpet Python

    I have an 18 month old Coastal Carpet Python, Just shed a 80cm skin (shes 60cm or so long). What size should she(?) be at this age? How much should I be feeding her?. She has only been feeding 1,1,2,2,2 pinky rats with me, the first 4 weeks she did not want to eat with home change etc. Thanks
  31. Fallimar

    Bobtail food confusion

    Hi folks, new herp owner here. Have a baby Stimson's python who's doing fab and a bobtail as of yesterday. I've done a heap of research on food but so much of it is contradictory and confusing as to the veg/fruit they can safely eat. I've got a garden full of dandelions with no...
  32. Y

    Ackie size and feeding

    Hi. I have a supposed female red ackie and she is 5 months old and only 7.5cm svl. She eats 3-4 medium crickets every day. she won't eat meats very often and I'm worried about her growth. Basking spot is about 60c. I recently changed her substrate over from sand to a sand/soil mix so she has...
  33. Aria abedinnezhad

    Albino Darwin not eating

    Hi guys, So I've had my Albino Darwin for about 4 weeks. She's 6 months old. The first couple of weeks she was eating really good (1 mice per 7-10 days). When I tried to feed her for the third time on Tuesday (3 nights ago), she stroke at the mice and wrapped her coil around it for a minute...
  34. N


    Hey there! I have a 2 year old (female?) Stimson's python, who I feel is on the smaller side. Is there an average weight for Stimson's pythons as they age? The breeder I bought her from, at 11 months, was feeding her as little as possible, to keep her small so she'd be bought, which is awful. I...
  35. N

    Diamond Python Owners: What do you feed and how much does it cost?

    Looking into getting a diamond python, with them liking cooler temperatures and requiring feeding less, although they need a lot of more careful care than other snakes to stay healthy, they seem like the perfect snake for me (plus I'm a massive fan of how they look). However, the place near me...
  36. Ian Gibbs

    HELP! Getting our darwin python hatchling to feed.

    Hi. we are having all sorts of problems getting our albino darwin python hatchling to feed. Got her just before xmas. at that point we were told she had sed twice and eaten 4 times. since then she just won't feed. when ever we try she just runs away. we have tried day & night feedings. in...
  37. BrettJ

    Question of possible Impaction noob help please.

    Ok, I recently bought a 2(ish) yr old Woma, fantastic specimen, I could not let it pass. I am concerned about her ingesting desert sand substrate, on he first feed I fed her in the enclosure, which has sand substrate. Being a great feeder she constricted the medium rat, rolled through a large...
  38. Teja Mae

    Yearling Darwin python only eats if she doesn't have to try

    No idea if this is any concern, but I have a yearling albino Darwin python who will only eat if she strikes the head of the rat/mouse and not the sides. It seems like if she strikes the side she thinks it's too big to eat and drops it, but if she get her mouth around it head-on she'll take it...
  39. Joshua Donlen

    18week hatchling won't eat

    I know it's been asked and I have read previous threads without any success so any constructive advice is greatly appreciated. Albino darwin, 18 weeks, Shed+fed prior to pick up on 01/12/18, Cage: 8.3L tub (approved size from breeder), only one side can be seen through which is covered by a...
  40. M

    Sand monitor hasn’t been eating

    hey guys, It’s been 2 weeks since I got my sand monitor and he hasn’t been eating at all, usually my reptiles start eating 2-3 days after I got them, so I’m really worried that my sand monitor hasn’t been eating for 2 weeks. I’ve tried to feed him with pinkies, crickets, worms, chicken neck...
  41. M

    Sand monitor not eating

    hi guys, I’m new in the forum and also new with sand monitors. Yesterday I bought my first sand monitor, a 4 months old monitor. I’ve tried to feed him today and he didn’t want to eat, it was like he didn’t care that there was a pinky and crickets (I’ve tried to feed him with crickets and a...
  42. LittleButterfly

    Stimsons Python Feeding size

    Hey all, Ive had my 10 month old stimmie for around 5 weeks now. When I bought him, I also acquired a hatch setup that the breeder sold and he also give me 10 pinkie mice. The breeder said to start from the smallest pinkie and go from there. I am confused because he didn't give me an idea where...
  43. E

    Carpet python feeding advice needed

    Hi, I’ve recently adopted a juvenile-ish diamond carpet and it only eats birds (quails, chickens etc). I have had two other carpet pythons since hatchlings that I’ve fed exclusively on rats from pinkies up to large sized at the moment as I’ve always heard they have more of the good stuff...
  44. LittleButterfly

    First Feeding Day - Stimmie

    Today is my first feeding day for my 9 month old stimmie. He is my first snake and I got him a couple days ago. He has reacted really well to handling so far. Any tips for feed him.
  45. Sarah Jane

    New enclosure help.

    Okay, so I have a 3 year old jungle python. He’s starting to outgrow his cage so I’m getting him a new big enclosure tomorrow. He’s currently in this (I actually don’t remember the specs too well). It just feels like it’s getting too small for him. The upgrade will be 1050mm in length, 1200mm...
  46. L

    Newbie question

    Hey, so just a quick newbie question, i have a 5 month old stimpson python, he seems to want to eat 1 pinky every 3-4 days, i know in the wild they could go a hell of a lot longer than that between meals, my question is, will it hurt him/her to feed that often? Also just wondering what other...
  47. M

    Childrens python- not eating???

    Hi, I know this is a common one, but I also feel like it's very out of character. I've got a children's, 8 years old, female (have had since yearling). She ate a weaner rat at the end of Feb, and an adult mouse mid April. Nothing between or since- has rejected offers. Very active around her...
  48. A

    Juvenile Children's Python feeding behaviour

    Hi, here's my first post in here! My children's python Artie is about 11 months old and has always had a fairly calm temperament. Just recently, though, he's been very snappy and active, wriggling around to the point it's hard to hold him in the one spot. I've been feeding him one pinkie mouse a...
  49. S

    Raising quail - feeding live??

    I'm planning on getting my first snake really soon (a jungle python), been doing lots of research (thanks aussie pythons members your knowledge has been really valuable), but I can’t seem to find much on the possibility of feeding live bird. I’m happy to feed thawed mice/rats (not keen on...
  50. kohiinu

    how long will pinkies stay fresh?

    going through a power outage sure to last all night & through to the next day - meaning my freezer is down & pinkies for my stimson will surely be defrosting. was planning to feed him tomorrow but I can’t imagine they’ll stay fresh until morning - would best bet be to feed as soon as possible if...