Some of the Wild Snakes i Come in Contact with.

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Oct 9, 2022
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Being on a creek near the beach on the North Coast of NSW, i get a lot of interaction with the local retile population. They neighbours in the industrial section where i live know i keep snakes, so when they need one relocated they come and get me.

The main snakes here are, of course, carpet snakes and we have seen them here up to 12' long. We also get green tree snakes here, black and browns etc.

As far as lizards go there is a stable population of water dragons down by the creek, there's a bluetongue that comes and goes from my shed as he pleases, even saw a huge Land Mullet with healed shovel marks all the way down his back walk past once. What a dinosaur! When i looked him up they said that they don't grow as big as this fella was.

Some pics for entertainment;




This Green Tree snake was coming out of my front door when i spotted him.

Another Green Snake


Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Being from the US (Colorado) I don't remember how long it's been since I've seen a snake in the wild, but whenever it was, it was just a garter snake. There was a yellow bellied racer in my office last month, but I wasn't here to see it. Other than that, all I've seen are two bull snakes, although we do have rattlesnakes here as well.

How docile are wild carpets? I wouldn't think they'd like being handled, but that one in the first pic doesn't seem to mind.
I usually leave them alone unless they need relocating. The one in the pic at the top was curled up in the battery tray of an A model, so had to be removed as the car was being loaded onto a float to take it out west.

In my experience, when being handled the Carpet Pythons are quite placid if picked up with soft hands and respect, grab them round the middle or by the tail like i've seen others do and they get quite agro.

My mate who lives on the other side of the creek brought a 12' coastal over to show me one time, the snake was round his neck and my mates head was purple, but it didn't try and strike him. We let it go back down the creek.

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