Stimson python hatchie not eating

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Feb 20, 2023
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Gday guys! My mate got a hatchling stimmy from the vic expo a few weeks back and it isnt interested in food at all, no feeds. the guy didnt give her an age and said "its had heaps of feeds and sheds" when i asked. i wa swith her when purchased and it seemed fine. no clouding in the eyes, obv no bowel movements. its in a exo terra 30 x 30 x 30 thats quite cluttered. I havent seen the snake since purchase but im running off info my mates given me.
i gave her the few tips i had for fussy snakes like make sure its extra warm, try rubbing it on a skink, try leaving overnight. it isnt shy and sits on its log or ontop of a hide and chills out so. Its her first snake and i got mine at 4 years so im not much help so any tips would be great.
Shes gonna try putting it in a smaller tub soon but we thought a small exo would work but i question if its too big but she is 20-25cm long but still quiet skinny
Put it back in a click/clack. Stop handling for a week or 2 (like none at all). Make sure temp is 32/33 degrees on the warm end on the click/clack the whole time. Then offer food. Good luck