Sudden shingle back aggression

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May 22, 2006
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Hi everyone,
So my shinglebacks have been living together for almost 14 years now, 1 female, 3 males (pretty sure, got them at a couple of months old so they’re 14 yrs old)
No one has ever fought or mated.
all of a sudden one of the males has woken up (started napping about a month ago) and is really aggressive, he’s been chasing one of the males and the female since he woke up on tuesday, their tails are both showing damage, and today there was damage to the females neck. I’m hoping he didn’t manage to mate her. I heard the commotion, and when I entered their room he dropped her to attack me.
he is now In The gecko room till I sort out new accommodation.
considering mating season is meant to be September to November (and I have removed the female during that period on 2 occasions when a different male was chasing her) I’m wondering if he’s confused? Has anyone else experienced such a sudden change in autumn?
a bit about their set up,…
They have an 6x2x2 foot enclosure, doors are always open to access the dining room, so about 3x4 metres of space. Heaps of places to explore and hide. On nice days they are in the aviary with a Similar amount of space, but that came to an end around February when the crappy weather started and they became less active.
I fed them on Tuesday fro the first time in a month, cos that’s the first time I saw movement in a month and 3 or them ate. 1 is still asleep. Hasn’t moved in about 6 weeks.

Any thoughts on this sudden change in behaviour? And if he did manage to mate her, I’m assuming she can get pregnant even if it’s not mating season?
Females neck is mating and the males is dominance but it should pass as soon as he is over his mating period
Last autumn mine mated out of season here

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