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Oct 20, 2023
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hello everyone,

I recently purchased my first snake and am absolutly in love with her. shes is approaching 1 year old and currently in a 2ft reptile one enclosure. the gentlemen at the pet store made it clear that this wasnt going to be big enough going forward but i needed time to sort out / remove furniture to make space for something bigger.

i have since been working on building her a new home and have just about completed it. we have let her explore the new space once or twice now and my wife has voiced her concerns about the snake injuring herself by falling, i hadnt really thought about it too much while constructing but now that its getting close i am concerned. i dont want to put my snake in a dangerous space that could potentally cause injury or harm.

the enclosure doesnt have her hide or heat source in there yet, and we do plan on placing more ground folliage to make her more commfortable. the enclosure measures 1400w x 700d x 900h and has fine grade critters comfort for substrate. have i royally stuffed up here? is it ok? or are there some additions eg. hamocks that i should be placing in there to soften any falls?

Thanks for your time


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Impressive looking enclosure. Snakes do climb, my woma has shelves and uses them. has been in there for 8 years or so.


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