Woma python overly active and seeming stressed

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Sep 28, 2022
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Sunshine Coast
My Woma Python has started trying to escape far more frequently than I'm used to with my other snakes. She's determined to get out, even during the day which is especially strange. I'm concerned that she's going to do some damage to the front of her nose. Her humidity is between 60-70%. Her warm side sits around 33.5 Celsius and her cool side is around 29 Celsius. My main theory is that there is potentially too much movement for her in the room? I've attached a photo of her skating up the glass.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll just add her enclosure dimensions just in case that helps. Shes currently 1.3 meters long, in a 1200x600x600 enclosure.


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Very open enclosure (full glass front), nowhere secure to hide out of view. Pretty scary for a snake especially if there's a lot of movement in the room. Giving it a secure hide where it can be completely out of view might help.

Snakes *really* don't want to be forced to be in view of humans (encounter a wild snake and it will immediately shoot under a rock or down a burrow or something where you can't access it, and usually this happens before you see the snake). Some will get over it, some won't. Most will become more comfortable with it if they have the option of securely hiding.

Once the snake has established its concept of the current enclosure as a non safe place it may never fully be comfortable in that enclosure. Having said that, Womas are particularly stupid snakes and it will likely calm down when the problem is corrected. Each snake is an individual, it's difficult to predict. If I was a Woma I'd hate that enclosure though. It looks like more of a diurnal lizard enclosure.