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Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by Miacons, Oct 12, 2018.

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    I think my jungle carpet python may have scale rot and/or vicious scale burn?

    He is very rough to touch on his underside, especially on the end of his tail - His scales look totally mutilated, "healthier" parts are bright red/pink. I think he may have gotten ontop of his heating lamp that has a metal cage around it and scratched/burnt that particular area.

    I have removed all substrate, replaced with newspaper. Turned the heating right down to 15° and wrapped a cloth around the metal cage that encloses the heating lamp.

    I fed him this morning and he took the rat easy like he always does but there is a little bit of dried blood on the newspaper when i checked on him tonight

    His behaviour seem normal. Not lethargic or over energetic.

    He had a very bad shed a couple weeks ago, where his whole body was covered in dried patches of skin - one of his eye caps didnt come off. I carefully removed it with tweezers but i could not remove the rest of the skin around his head/eye area (when he ate today some of it came off)

    I have been bathing him in betadine solution to disinfect his scales.

    What concerns me the most is, lately when i pick him up, just before his mid-section, his body makes a squishing/gurgling type noise that never use to happen before. Im not sure if i should be concerned about this?

    Obviously i have him booked into a vet on monday, but im just hoping (unfortunately) some of you have had similar experiences and can provide advice with what may potentially be wrong with him and how i can accelerate his health?

    3-4 year old jungle carpet python
    Temperature was 28° reduced to 15°
    I dont have a humidifier gauge but water bowl is kept on the cooler end of his enclosure. I use to mist the tank but stopped as i felt it was unnecessary (OBVIOUSLY NOT).
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    Do you have pics of the snake? I wouldn't turn the heating down IMO, just remove his access to the heat lamp (if there's a branch etc). It's hard to say what it is without pics, and even then it's just peoples opinions, so a good reptile vet would be the go.
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    Temp down to 15 and you feed it, probably not the best thing you could do. And then you wrap a cloth around the heat source?? Really
    Pics are necessary for anyone to be of help but the very best recommendation is that you get your snake to a decent vet as planned.

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