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  1. mikitfence

    Hi from a complete snake newbie

    Hi all, I'm Mik. I'm an Aussie in my late 20s, and I've loved snakes since I was little thanks to my dad (he never had any but always taught me they weren't to be feared but to be respected). I decided to join here because I've wanted a snake for ages but never actually put in the proper...
  2. R

    Looking for pygmy pythons (perthensis)

    Have been looking for a 1.2 trio of these guys for a while and they seem to be pretty rare. I will be attending the VHS show in March and could pick up then. Otherwise willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Victoria to pick up. Happy to take individuals or 1.1/0.2 if anyone has availability...
  3. T

    Wanted antaresia perthensis male

    Hi , I am after a male Pygmy python for my son as he would like to breed his 2year old female . ( yes the addiction has begun ) Does anyone know where I could get one . Thankyou
  4. Sinornithosaurus

    Pygmy Pythons and Stimsons

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anybody had an Ant or Pygmy Stimson they'd be willing to part with, over the age of three months. I love how these snakes look, but know both can be scarce around these parts. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Foozil

    New Pygmy Python

    G'day, I got this little adult male Pygmy Python (A. perthensis) yesterday, and I'm VERY happy with him! He's nice and tame, often pees on my hand, and is beautiful! Also quite cool that it's the smallest species of python in the world :D Exploration: Iridescent(sorta):
  6. C

    Antaresia Perthensis, Banded Pygmy or Pygmy Python wanted

    General Description : I am looking to buy a young/feeding Banded pygmy or Pygmy python. Location Willing to pay for Freight? Yes Contact Details 0405463812 [email protected] Other Details
  7. C

    Beginner questions about owning a snake, and the beauty of the Woma python

    Hi all, Having thought about owning a snake over the years I recently had an encounter and hold of a Woma python. Wow, so beautiful and friendly! Also soft and interesting just to hold and look at. Researching can only tell you so much but holding one was very eye opening. I know not all...
  8. G

    Pygmy Python (Antaresia perthensis) male approx 5 years old

    Species Common Name: Pygmy Python Age: Aprox. 5 years Length: Normal size Quantity Available: 1 Bred By: not sure General Description: Pygmy Python (Antaresia perthensis) male approximately 5 years old for sale. Proven breeder. Eats anything. Great handler. Can deliver anywhere at...
  9. redline

    WTS- Pygmy pythons

    Quantity Available 2 Bred By uRS General Description Selling pair of Pygmy pythons almost 2 years old. Shed and eat good, will breed next year. License no: 12587806-A $290 each or ono Location Melbourne Willing to Freight? Maybe Contact Details inbox License Number...
  10. missie66

    Best beginners snake

    Wanting some help pls, would like some advice on the best beginners snake, the least aggressive and doesn't grow to large Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. BredliFreak

    Where has banter been?

    We haven't had a huge argument/debate in a while, what's up with that? Normally there's one every couple of months! Anyone want to start an educated and controversial debate? *Side note:this is a joke thread but feel free to have some casual banter below
  12. RoryBreaker

    Poached WA reptiles found in Vic
  13. Elite_Reptiles

    Pygmy Pythons

    Species Common Name Pygmy Python Age 4 months Length 20 cm's Quantity Available 2 Bred By Elite Reptiles General Description We only have 2 x Female Pygmy Pythons left... Very healthy and very placid little guys. Eating pinky mice and come from an exceptionally clean, disease free...
  14. aoife

    Does anyone have a Pygmy Python?

    Does anyone on here have a Pygmy Python with pics they would like to share? I am very interested in acquiring one :D - - - Updated - - - Nevermind I just read in another post how rare they are, I was looking at a yearling yesterday, adorable! I might have to suss out a childrens instead.
  15. Elite_Reptiles

    Albino Olive Pythons / Possible Het Albino Olives / Pygmy Pythons

    Species Common Name Olives & Pygmy's Age New Born Length Small Quantity Available 17 Bred By Elite Reptiles General Description Now taking orders for the following Pythons that should be off to their new homes in approx. 1 to 2 months. Get in first before there all gone!... Payment...
  16. Elite_Reptiles

    Breeding Pair of Pygmy Pythons

    Species Common Name Pygmy Python Age 3 yrs Length 40 cm's Quantity Available 2 Bred By Solar 17 General Description Selling our proven breeding pair of Pygmy Pythons... Both adults are approx. 40 cm's in length, W.A. locality, 3 yrs old, both handle ok (male is a little flighty)...
  17. Sdaji

    Show us Your Ants! The Antaresia Appreciation Thread!

    Looks like we need to get another one of these started! Here's a couple of patternless Children's Pythons of mine going for it. This resulted in a nice clutch.
  18. MatE

    Pygmy pythons

    Thought i would post up a few pics of my mini pythons.Hoping they produce a few eggs for me this year.They are such placid animals to handle.The male is on the left female on the right.
  19. H

    Breeding Pair of Antaresia Perthensis

    Proven breeding pair of Pygmy Pythons. Ready to breed again this season. Pm me if interested Located Beaumont Hills NSW happy to Freight extra $100 Other Details
  20. H

    Hatchling Antaresia Perthensis

    5 Hatchling Antaresia Perthensis I currently have 5 hatchling Pygmy Pythons that are being assist fed mouse legs. Looking at selling the lot only to an experienced person who has assist fed before and the time to put into them. Great little snakes so placid $200 each or the lot for $900. Will...
  21. H

    Pygmy Python For Swap

    Looking for anyone that wants to swap I have a Pygmy Python hatchling looking to swap for a Female 100% Het T+ ready to breed this coming season. Pm what you have if interested
  22. H

    Hatchling Antaresia Perthensis

    Hatchling Pygmy python unsexed $450 Great first snake so placid never even tries to bite. Feeding on Fuzzy mice ready to go. First 4 photos are of the hatchling and 5th photo is of the mum. Happy to offer payment plan Pm me if interested freight extra $100
  23. W

    Breeding weight for Pygmy Pythons (Antaresia perthensis)?

    What is the weight range and age Pygmy Pythons (Antaresia perthensis) have been successfully bred, both male and female?
  24. T

    Questions About Pygmy Beardies

    So I am getting 3 pygmy beardie hatchies in a couple of weeks so am finishing up my research and prep. I have a 3ft fish tank I can set up for the 3 of them with a heat mat and a heat lamp with thermostats for control. It was the set up that I used with my pygmy python before I upgraded her to...
  25. V

    2YO Pygmy Pythons

    Species Common Name Pygmy Python Age 2 years Length Approximately 30cm Quantity Available 2 Bred By 1-Myself, 1-Ben Moore General Description Two healthy unrelated pygmy pythons for sale, both handle and eat well, sex is unknown, one has less pattern (#2) than the other but isn't...
  26. D

    How much to feed an adult perthensis?

    A few months ago I got a beautiful pair of Antaresia perthensis. The male is adult, the female is a 2012 juvenile. Both snakes have settled in perfectly, and are very enthusiastic feeders. My question is, regarding the adult male, how often should he be fed? I am well aware that in the wild...
  27. P

    Meet Bo, Banded Pygmy Python

    In April my precious, first, scale baby arrived. At barely 5 months old she looked like an over grown worm (a beautiful one), she struck at me so many times as i transferred her from her bag to her click clack (not that you really feel a pygmy bite at 5 months). I did as i had been advised...
  28. P

    Obsessed with ball pythons

    Hi all, I've fallen in love with the ball python but I have no idea where to start and how hard it would be to import one from the US as I haven't heard of or seen anyone in Australia with them. Any info would be greatly appreciated on how to go about it cheers
  29. B

    Yearling Female Pygmy Python

    Species Common Name Pygmy Python Or Anthill Python Age 1 Year Length 45cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Snake Ranch General Description We have had Scarlett for about 6 months and she is a great snake But I have learnt that i much prefer lizards over snakes and that is the only reason...
  30. E

    Female B&W Banded BHP / Male Red Pygmy Python

    Currently looking for a Female black & white banded BHP (preferably older than 12 mths). Also looking for a Red Male Pygmy Python. Located on the Gold Coast, PM or SMS/Call Wayne on 0488 271 728
  31. J

    Pygmy Python Biting

    Hi, I've had a Pygmy Python for about 9 months now, and it's never had a problem with handling. Over the last two weeks, though, it's started striking whenever a hand goes near it, it's been fed twice in the time, any idea why there's been this sudden change in behaviour?
  32. moosenoose

    Woman calls triple-0 after pet python wrapped itself around her neck

    Alright, fess up! :lol: Personally I'd lock myself in the laundry & let the snake finish me off. How embarrasing. I wonder what was said when they phoned 000 ....."gasp, gasp, gasp" ...not a good look for the hobby. Woman calls triple-0 after pet python wrapped itself around her neck -...
  33. Goldie74

    Moving to Alice Springs

    I'm moving to Alice in early May & was wondering if there are some members on this site who live in Alice? I'll be bringing my woma and pygmy python... Cheers
  34. A

    T+ Pygmy Python?

    What does everyone think of this Pygmy Python? :shock:
  35. Bredli1956

    What's your favourite python

    What type of aussie pythons are your favourite
  36. V

    Pygmy Python Clutch

    Scientific Name Antaresia perthensis Common Name Pygmy Python Age <1 Month Sex Unknown Size 10-15cm Quantity Available 5 Willing to Trade For Female Albino Darwin python - 2yo+ Bred By Myself General Description 5 hatchling pygmy pythons, Experienced keepers only, these are NOT...
  37. V

    Pygmy Python Clutch - Bulk Buy

    Species Common Name Pygmy Python Age <1 Month Length 10-15cm Quantity Available 5 Bred By Myself General Description Bulk buy of 5 hatchling pygmy pythons, $1500 ONO Experienced keepers only, these are NOT FEEDING on their own, currently being assist fed. Hatched on the 31/1/2014...
  38. R

    Confusion on scientific name :S

    Ok, So I got a new Banded pygmy python today and on the movement advice/export licence it has 2 different scientific names :S So i'm interested to know what everyone thinks the real scientific name is?
  39. dragondragon

    pygmy python hatching

    Just wondering what size tub is suitable for hatching getting two once they are ready what substrate I use breeders choice for bhp is it ok for them aswell thanks
  40. J

    Do I force my hatchie out?

    I have a teeny tiny pygmy python hatchy that is understandably terrified of everything! We have had it a couple of week (mybe 3 weeks) and at first we never ever saw it. It hid all day long and didn't even come out for a feed. We however left the mouse in the enclosure and it would be gone an...
  41. B

    Pygmy Python

    Species Common Name Pygmy python or anthill python Age Hatched: 12.11.12 Length 44 cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Snake Ranch General Description We have had Scarlett for about 6 months and she is a great snake :) But I have learnt that i much prefer lizards over snakes and that is...
  42. Mr.James

    Antaresia perthensis clutch 2013

    Today I opened the incubator to a nice surprise, my first clutch of python eggs have begun to hatch. The female produced a nice big healthy clutch of 9 back in October. I can not wait to see the rest emerge over the next couple of days! :D
  43. TrueBlue

    White lipped pythons.

    A good friend has allowed me to take a couple of pics of some of his white lips and post them. These animals are 100% legal. Absolutely stunning animals to say the least. They will be available to everyone in the hobby in a few years time.
  44. P

    Pygmy Pythons

    I have 5 pygmy pythons to sell, there are 2 males and 1 female that are 5 years old and have sucessfully bred. There are also 2 females that are 3 years old that have never been mated, they would be ready to breed next season. About 50 to 60cms long and feeding easily on thawed rodents. Always...
  45. Jaycw

    Pygmy Pythons ( Antaresia perthensis )

    Does anyone have any pygmy pythons for sale ? ..or waiting on any clutches to hatch this season? If so please get in contact with me via PM as im very interested.
  46. BDkeeper

    Trying to convince parents

    Hi guys i really want to get a snake or python and have been reading up on a few im thinking either spotted or childrens, but i have a few questions first whats easier to keep? Which is better to keep? And whta will be better for a first time python keeper? And one finale question before anyone...
  47. saximus

    2014 Calendar?

    Just wondering if there's going to be a calendar next year? It's past the time when the photo comp usually starts.
  48. Woma_Wild

    Pygmy Stimsons and the Pygmy.

    I'm hoping that someone can clear something for me. In the pygmies, there appears to be a lot of confusion. The Pygmy Python (or anthill as it used to be called) Antaresia perthensis but I cannot find info on the Pygmy Stimsons. All my searches lead me to info and photos of the Stimsons...
  49. Pythons Rule

    Eggs and Hatchlings 2013-2014

    Mums and Bubs 2013-2014 Hi everyone this thread is for photo's of mums laying there eggs, eggs, incubation methods, hatching or egg cutting, babies fresh from the eggs, and after feeds and during feed time. I have 1 clutch of 11 fertile 0 Slugs of a trio of Wenlock River Cape York female...
  50. hoppy

    do snakes need a moist hide?

    i have been researching snakes for well over 2 months now because when I get my first I want to do everything right. I have been reading books and care sheets and have not found a answer to this one question. do snakes need a moist hide? maybe someone on here can tell me. thanks:D:D