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  1. L

    Pilbara herping trip jan 2012

    A colleague and I recently got back from a herping trip through the Pilbara ranges. We were hoping to travel further north to the port headland area to try our luck for some Womas and Black headeds but unfortunately we were hit by the full force of mother nature. When it rains up there it...
  2. B

    Woma temps update

    Just did a nightly/daily check on temps, and they are better than before. My large female just shed, the male hasn't shed yet but will likely shed within the next 2 days. Highs are a little bit lower than before (they were around 31-33), now around the 30-32 degree mark, with the lows around...
  3. Niall

    A Pilbara Trip that Stood Out From the Rest.

    Hi Everyone. For the past 10 days I and 3 others have been on a trip throughout the Pilbara. First up was the big drive from Perth to Robe River, Pannawonica and was expected to arrive at 8:30pm. As most would know not all plans go the way you want them to and this one didn’t, just before the...
  4. dottyback

    Hatchling Pygmy Python

    This little one is 3 weeks old. :D
  5. crl94

    Miniture animals

    My friend and I always wanted a little thing to run around our desk like a miniture animal. Well, it kinda just hit me that my spotted python is like a miniture retic python and my friends blue tongue is like a miniture komodo dragon. Yay for chibi pets and reptiles altogether :D Also would...
  6. J

    Hi, new from Belgium

    I've posted already pictures of my black headed pythons but let me introduce myself. My name is John Dhont and I'm living in Belgium. I'm keeping and breeding snakes since approx 15 years. Right now the only Australian pythons I keep are my blackheaded pythons. I also keep green tree pythons but...
  7. Ninja

    Hawkesbury Herp Reptile Expo 2012

    Reptile Expo & Family Fun Day Penrith Panthers Exhibition Marquee Panthers Complex, Mulgoa Road, Penrith Sunday 4th of March 2012 Adults $10 Children $5 Family$25 LIVE Reptile Shows Animal Encounters, Reptile Supplies, Face Painting Reptiles FOR SALE Exotic Reptiles on Display incl: an...
  8. GlennB

    First python help

    Hello I'm after my first python what would be best for me ​ I'm new to this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. PMyers

    Pygmy Python eating machines

    After testing the waters, so to speak, with a pair of olive pythons and getting used to the concepts of reptile husbandry I decided to try the other side of the size coin and purchase a pair of Pygmy Pythons. Now I had heard that they were difficult to get feeding as hatchlings, but the two I...
  10. damo77

    Antaresia perthensis - Anthill python - Pygmy python locales????

    I am finding it hard to unearth very much detailed info regarding Antaresia perthensis. Does anyone know if locales exist for these little guys?? If they do, does anyone know what they are and how they are represented in perthensis. Thanks Damian
  11. damo77

    Antaresia perthensis - Anthill python - Pygmy python

    Wanted Antaresia perthensis - Anthill python - Pygmy python Please PM me or direct email pryor.darnell at or txt or call 0419-173930 Happy to pay shipping if necessary.
  12. damo77

    Suggestions for an ebay big cabinet buy

    Just won the below cabinet for $6.50. Dimensions are 172x160x60. Any great ideas?? ATM i have more enclosures than i have snakes so this could end up housing anything. I was thinking of dividing the two bottom shelves down the middle instead of the way they are now. Possibly put some lizards...
  13. dottyback

    Pygmy Python On Eggs!

    6 eggs laid today from this 4 year old girl. Second picture show how small they really are!
  14. R

    Perthensis 1 and 2 year olds

    Species Common Name Anthill Pythons or Pygmy Pythons (Antaresia Perthensis) Age 1 and 2 year olds Length 20cms Quantity Available 4 x two year olds 5 yearlings Bred By Me General Description World's smallest pythons. Placcid, feeding well, easy to handle. Hardy in captivity From...
  15. lysseee

    Tame snakes?

    So often lately on this site i hear people calling their reptiles "tame". Tame snake, tame monitor, tame 6m scrub... Now, I do believe I have a gorgeous good natured snake but she is not a tame animal, she is a wild animal with wild instincts. She has never bitten me but i respect her ability...
  16. Snake-Supplies

    Microchip snakes

    Just wondering if anyone has their snakes Microchipped... Advantages/Disadvantages. Thanks in advance.
  17. B

    Pygmy pythons

    Hey I was looking at getting a pygmy python and just wanted to know what the min size enclosure for one??
  18. S

    Does your reptile seem to like one particular person?

    We get our creatively named Murray darling python 'Murray' out for a cruise mst nights(when he hasn't just fed) and he likes to cruise around our shoulders or just chill out on the coffee table :lol: Strangely though he seems to really like our 2 year old daughter. He actively seeks her out...
  19. M

    hey guys! share some pics of your pythons :) (mine are up)

  20. dottyback

    Gravid Pygmy Python

    She is due to lay in about 10 days.
  21. lysseee

    Does size really matter?

    Hey everyone! So i have a beautiful little pygmy python by the name of Nala and she is 11mnths at about 40cm. I have her in a terrarium 70cm wide, 50cm high and 40cm deep. I have been told that this is too big for her and will stress her out, make her feel nervous etc. She has appropriate...
  22. lysseee

    Pygmy Python Info

    Hi all! I am a new snake owner (and completely in love with these beautiful creatures!) and the snake that i decided to get was a gorgeous little Pygmy Python who I have named Nala. While i did reasearch as much as i could about her species, I found there is very little online about them. If...
  23. sarah1234

    New click clack needed to combat miss houdini

    Looks like my new pygmy python is a houdini after all. Caught her trying to escape her click clack tonight. I was not impressed. Have set up a temporary lid with 100% no cracks, it seemed there was the most microscopic gap in my click clack lid that she (being so incredibly tiny) was attempting...
  24. sarah1234

    My new pygmy python (pics inc)

    I recently recieved my female pygmy python. Picked her up from the airport and she just stole my heart away such a gorgeous little thing she is. Absolutely tiny! It was a rude shock how small she was, I never anticipated she would be THAT small. She is such a darling, very calm to handle and has...
  25. sarah1234

    where to purchase pygmy pythons

    Hi there, was just wanting to ask those in the know as to where I would look at purchasing pygmy pythons now or in the coming season. Is there anyone in particular that I should get in contact with? cheers Sarah :D
  26. alrightknight

    If you could Train your reptile? what would it do?

    If snakes/other reptiles could respond to commands, and you could teach it one task/job, what would it be? I personally would train a carpet python to hunt the bloody foxes that keep creeping around our chicken coop at night.
  27. Justdragons

    Antaresia perthensis??

    hello all, even though my name is just dragons ive decided( after looking at everyones awesome pics) i would like i snake. the only problem is i dont want to in a few years have a 10ft snake as round as my leg. although these snakes are stunning i think its to big until i get my own house so i...
  28. O

    Lap snakes?

    Hi everyone, Is there a snake that when taken out of its enclosure will happily curl up on the couch with me? The reptilian version of a lap cat?? I find snakes to be beautiful animals but have recently had a change of heart and don't like keeping animals in enclosures (even fish!!!). So what...
  29. Renenet

    I love my snake...

    As she often does when I clean her enclosure, Zephyr crawled up my sleeve tonight. It's her little ritual. She climbs up as far as she can go and then turns around again. I've no idea why she does it - the warm, snug space probably appeals to her - but to me it's a special moment with a...
  30. T

    New Parents Are Always The Most Panicky!

    Here is my baby, pygmy python . She is my very first snake and as all new parents I can't help but get a lil worried at the little things when I see them for the first time. She has had two feeds with me but it's been ten days since her last and she point blank refused this one. She sniffs it...
  31. euphorion

    RUDE people are everywhere these days!

    I'm just having a whinge. Since when did 'asking for offers' on an animal you have for sale mean 'please offer me the bare minimum i would accept and then harass me as to when you can come and pick the animal up while being a smart-alec about how long it takes to drive to my place so asking you...
  32. Bel03

    Wondering what other pets people have....

    I thought i would just see what different kinds of 'babies' you all have...... In our home we have 2 dogs, (a staffy named Brocky & a maltese x shi tzu named Bruce) 3 cats, (Bella, Benny & Marli) 2 cockatiles, (Star & Thunder) 2 guinea pigs, (pebbles & bam bam) a desert scorpion, (aussie) a...
  33. nakerz_the_herp

    What Substrate do You Use?

    I just set up a new enclosure for my adult spotted python and wanted a new substrate. At the moment he's on newspaper but I'm most likely going to the GC expo and I was gonna get some substrate cheap. So, what substrate do you use?
  34. StellaDoore

    Woo!! Officially a herper!

    I know everyone has probably heard this a billion times but I just got my first snake and I'm way excited! After weeks of tweaking a home-made cage and arguing with my house mates about what snake to get (Me: woma! Friend 1: BHP! Friend 2: cheap!) we finally bought ourselves a Black Headed...
  35. B

    Pet for a 2ft x 1ft tank.

    Hey everyone i'm after some ides on a pet for or 2ft x 1ft fish tank. we've had fish in it a few times and time for a change. I'm after something mainly for the kids to look after. Are there any reptile or amphibious animals that are small enough to keep or should i look at other pets. Dont want...
  36. T

    Finally! I Finally got a snake!

    Im so excited! That I just cant hide it! Just picked up my new lil pygmy python today! It is sooo cute! Named it Miki which is Inuit (Eskimo) for little. Figured it fit pretty well. Will post pics tomorrow cause i didnt want to overwhelm the lil thing on its first night at my house. Yay! Yay! Yay!
  37. T

    Calling All Antaresia Perthensis (pygmy python) parents! Help!

    So I am picking up my new Pygmy Python tomorrow and I think I have the basics covered but I'm finding it hard to get definate details on care. I have a few basic questions so that I can write out a care sheet for myself. (helps cause my memory is terrible). If they have already been answered...
  38. T

    Heating a 3 ft aquarium. How do I do it?

    So Im trying to set-up a enclosure for the pygmy python Im getting and right now Im working with a 3ft aquarium with a wire/wood lid (wood frame with wire in it). Not ideal I know but all my money is going into buying the reptile itself right now so I have to work with what I have for a little...
  39. T

    Wanted, Anthill Hatchies From NSW

    Im fairly sure I have picked the expensive and rare but I really want a Pygmy Python (Antaresia perthensis). I would prefer a young one and a female and I'm kinda trying to find one in NSW so I wont have to deal with extra paperwork in the form of import permits. I sound impossible enough yet? I...
  40. deebo

    Laverton WA at this time of year????

    Gday, Im heading off to Laverton WA next week to catch up with my old man who is 4wding and camping through that area at the moment and am wondeirng if anyone can point out anything of interest to go and see or to look out for at the moment? I have not been herping much (other than...
  41. mike_k

    Pygmy python question

    Just a quick question, what would be the minimum enclosure size recommend for a adult Pygmy python. I have a enclosure my MD is going to grow out of very soon, its 600mm X 450 X450. It's a nice enclosure, i dont wanna sell or leave in the shed and I would rather another snake then anything else...
  42. mike_k

    Newbie 

    Hey guys and girls, Yet another newbie to the site! I've got myself a beautiful murray darling python. Dying to post a photo of her but damn Internet won't let me. Recently just changed from mice to rats and it seems she's a fussy one haha. I have a question, if anyone could help, does...
  43. Naga_Kanya

    How old are your older snakes?

    Last year when my little Stimson's python hurt himself, I took him to a reptile vet who seemed extremely surprised at how old he was (12 years old). He kept saying that generally you didn't see snakes that old. I was under the impression that pythons generally live to around the 20 year mark (as...
  44. S&M Morelia

    [MORPH] Morelia Milkshakes

    Hey all, I was taking a few pictures of our mixed species morelia and thought I'd share. First - 50% Diamond x Bredli - Female Second - 50% Diamond x Jungle - Male Third - 50% Diamond x Coastal - Male Fourth - 50% Coastal x Darwin -Male (this picture was taken a few weks ago though)...
  45. IzzyBeardieLover

    Reptile suggestions!

    Please everyone i need suggestions for reptiles (not snakes) (maybe amphibians?) That could live together in a big complex (not in same enclosure) and does anyone have any ideas where i could get a caging complex (like enclosures [different sizes] stacked together?) Thankyou! :)
  46. News Bot

    Mine worker fined over reptiles

    A FLY-IN fly-out mine worker in Western Australia has been fined $3700 for illegally possessing five native reptiles. Published On: 17-May-11 05:04 PM Source: AAP via Go to Original Article
  47. Black.Rabbit

    Meet Freddie Krueger

    I picked up a Pygmy Python from the reptile show in Sydney on Sunday He has to be the cutest snake I have ever seen, and he is extremely docile, even more so than my woma who is so docile I could practically hand feed her. He is so cute and tiny even my mum wants to meet him and she is...
  48. R

    Any Snakes that can be fed on Insects?

    Hi All, Just wondering if there are any small snakes that can be kept and fed on crickets or woodies rather than the usual mice/rats? My GF is keen on a snake however won't buy one as she doesn't want to have to feed it mice or rats as she has had both of these as pets previously. Thanks
  49. Black.Rabbit

    Lost breeders info.. help please

    I bought a Pygmy Python (oh so cute!) at the reptile show in western Sydney today and unfortunately the info he gave me regarding his licence number & info has vanished. I am hoping he is on here or someone might know him, I think his name was Michael and I know his surname ended in B...
  50. C

    Random things kids say

    My 3 year old son was being a bit of a brat, so my partner said to him I hope you have kids just like you when your which my son sarcastically laughed then replied: No dad, I'm gonna get bigger and I'm gonna have a lizard... I found it amusing and thought you guys might enjoy...