liasis fuscus


  1. croc_hunter_penny

    QLD WTB tree snake or water python

    Hi all, I'm looking for a common tree snake (dendrelaphis punctulata) or water python (liasis fuscus). Do you know of anyone breeding these this season, or do you have one for sale? Cheers, Pen
  2. S

    NSW Selling Water Python and Full Setup!

    Species Common Name Water Python Age 4.5 years Length 5-6ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By Australian Reptile Park General Description Location New South Wales Willing to Freight? No Contact Details 0428 332 594 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details...
  3. ronhalling

    Diamond or Olive

    So who has seen the Hyundai Advert where the chick flicks the snake with her belt?? I have not been quick enough nor do i have a PVR so i have not yet been able to work out whether the snake is an Olive or a Diamond, Opinions please....... whatever it is it is a very interesting color. ( ͡° ͜ʖ...
  4. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  5. G

    Few quick Qs on snake racks.

    Hello currently planning a small snake rack with the threaded rod so I can adjust to different tubs but the main tubs I'll be using are 45L Starmaid tubs (730x440x235mm) and am planning on building 4-6 shelves. Will also be using smaller tubs for smaller snakes/Hatchies. now to the questions...
  6. G

    Chasing Water Python hatchling

    Chasing sexed male or female QLD locale water Python hatchlings will need to be freighted to or in QLD.
  7. G

    Water Pythons!

    So after talking to a local guy who is selling some of his collection (one of which is a mature Water Python) I have gained a interest in them. Just wanting to know how they handle, if there is a difference between NT and QLD locales and when about do Hatchies pop up for sale? Thanks!
  8. cagey

    Water Pythons and Kel Worley

    Does anyone know who purchased the breeding pairs from Ken Worley? Due to work commitments I was not in a position to purchase one of the offspring when he was selling up. I would like to get one in the next 12 months and I like the idea that they are a line of smaller sized water python...
  9. timothyng1998

    Help please! Water python display enclosure.

    As the title suggests, I'm in the process of building a half land half water display enclosure. The water area would be an aquarium and hopefully I can keep some native fishes. Just want to know if I keep a water python will it try and eat the fishes? What if I have a large adult and the only...
  10. Tigerlily

    Did it become legal to crossbreed in some states?

    I came across some people selling "mix carpets" and at first I thought they were dodgy small scale but I was wrong; they have a huge following, YouTube channel etc... Only a few years ago I remember reading a devastating article about how a bunch of crossbreeds were seized and euthanised. Have...
  11. BredliFreak

    What's happening?

    Basically, I want an update. How collections are going, herps you are seeing and wish list stuff etc. As for me, I've got a couple of updates. Red and Lizzie are going strong, snuggly and placid as usual. Red made his first public appearance when I showed off my new cage I'm working on at a...
  12. Stuart

    2016 Calendar Photo Competition

    The Photo Competition to get your photo featured in the 2016 Aussie Pythons and Snakes calendar is now open. It is a simple competition where you can upload up to 3 photos to our Gallery for consideration by a chosen few as well as some independent persons (to avoid favoritism) who will pick the...
  13. Herpo

    General Opinion

    Hi all, Just wondering what the temperament of jungle carpet pythons is? I read a few books that said that these snakes are bad tempered and aggressive. Is that true? Bite doesn't bother me. I may be a child, but I can take the pain. So what's the opinion? Is their aggressive reputation justified?
  14. mike72

    VIC Breeding Pair of Water Pythons

    Species Common Name Water Pythons Age 4 (male) & 7 (female) years Length ~1.8m Quantity Available 1 Pair General Description Healthy breeding pair of water pythons. Have bred the past 2 years. Feeding well on large rats. Have a strong feeding response when in enclosure but ok to handle...
  15. J

    Children's not eating

    I know everyone say to not stress if snakes won't eat. But it's bordering on almost 12 weeks and he shed last week . Was kind of expecting him to eat something this week but still keeps rejecting. Any advice?
  16. J

    false advertising het jag

    It is my understanding when it come to jag and other morphs there is no het I have seen a lot of reptile for sale as 50% and 100% het for jag A friend just got a pair of 100% het jag mixed carpet python pay around $900 am i right he will not get jags from that pairing. If people are selling jag...
  17. Matthew13

    NSW Water python

    Species Common Name Age Length Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description very placid great snake just have no time for him Location port maquaurie Willing to Freight? No Contact Details 0415648553 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details - -...
  18. C

    Water Pythons

    Just wanting some advice on housing snakes together, I've got two water python hatchlings (male and female), I want to house them together as adults in a 8x4x2ft enclosure. Would it be better to introduce them and house them together now? (In a smaller tank) Or when they are larger? I would feed...
  19. Tigerlily

    Handling immediately after shed?

    I went to take my roughie out and found he's in the middle of shedding! Is it ok to handle him immediately after or should I wait some time? Cheers
  20. ytamarin

    VIC 2yo Water Python + enclosure

    Species Common Name Water Python Age 2+ years Length ~1m Quantity Available 1 Bred By Russell Grant General Description - Female. - Probably a fair bit smaller than most her age, as she has been fed only moderately, but is perfectly healthy and would grow fast with more frequent feeds...
  21. HayleyChuck93

    White patch on water Python after shed

    Hey guys! My water Python shed today and now he has a little white patch on his head. He seems fine otherwise. Could this just be from a bad shed? Will it go away?
  22. P

    Most active, quick, "intelligent" large Aussie python.

    I am a big fan of comparing certain species of snakes. I have researched infrared/thermal detection between some of the boa constrictors here in the Americas compared to some of the pythons with visible heat pits by reading studies, and I've observed activity levels between my boa and other two...
  23. snakemisstress

    Hey guys !! :)

    Hiiii :) I'm new to the forum, but not keeping reptiles. Im looking to meet new peeps and make friends because my other mates think snakes are scary. This is my newest addition, Fred. I also have a water python, who hasn't got a name yet. And a few others... My next snake which I plan on...
  24. B

    Thoughts on cross breeding

    What's everyone's thoughts on cross breeding snakes (jags)? My thought is that I don't like it at all. If this is ok than what's stopping me from breeding a roughie with a GTP? Or a black headed python with a woma?
  25. C

    8x4x2ft enclosure

    Hi Im about to start building a 8x4x2ft enclosure with a my 6x2x2ft aquarium built into it. I just wanted some advice about the two cross beams on top of the aquarium. I want to make the tank look as natural as possible but the two glass cross beams running right through the middle of the...
  26. W

    Help! Bhp gone squishy

    Black headed python has stopped eating about a month ago and today I realise his bottom half has gone what feels kind of squishy and also seems to be full of liquid. Any ideas? - - - Updated - - - Don't worry the squishy ness was a result of an empty belly and for some reason he has just...
  27. P

    Olive python feeding question.

    I have not been able to find much info on this subject but I read the Mark O'shea book BOAS AND PYTHONS OF THE WORLD In the book he mentions the scrub python having a potential predator, and that predator was said to be the Olive Python. I don't think I have seen much other info on the subject...
  28. Jazzz

    Some recent Australian highlights

    Myself and my partner have been on a few herping trips lately and I thought id put up a few of the highlights. I'll start with the local stuff. I've just done a couple of pretty dismal nights herping around Brisbane so far. As there isn't too much to find I've been able to experiment with...
  29. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  30. R

    Water Python Not Eating?

    Hey sorry guys quick question.. I got a water python a week and half ago. Tried feeding him twice now once about 3 days ago and again just now.. The guy who sold me him said he needed a lot of handling because he was angry and he never had any time. Mentioned he just shed that day and would be...
  31. R

    First Custom Terrarium.

    Made this custom Terrarium for adult sized python. Really happy with the final outcome. And was relatively easy to do. In total i payed 170 bucks on materials and a further 100 on bits and pieces for personal likings. Hide hole, water bowl etc. Basic routine followed measurements made size to...
  32. R

    the new guy..

    Hey everyone just joined, new to this so still trying to figure stuff out. Just bought a kick *** new Male water python today! Beautiful colors literally just had a shed to! [emoji16][emoji7] pretty happy.
  33. B

    So about that GC expo...

    Do they have like.... atm's AT the place? Or do I need to get money out first prior to going?
  34. B

    Can't decide ><

    I'm going to reptile expo on the gold coast in a few weeks and I have my eye out for a new little baby for my birthday. Can't decide what I'll be getting between a Water python, Roughie or a Blackhead python or a woma. I guess I'm just posting this to see what others think about thier...
  35. saratoga

    Water Python in the wild: short video

    Filmed in a rainforest spring in the NT
  36. A

    VIC Wanted Bulk Water Pythons

    Looking to purchase up to 20 x Water Pythons. Please contact us with quantity and price if you have any available Amazing Amazon 365 Springvale Road Glen Waverley, VIC 3150 Phone: 03 9545 0000 Opening Hours: Mon - Wed 10am-6pm Thurs-Fri 10am-7pm Sat...
  37. Jacknife

    Odd Water Python Behaviour

    I have an adult female water python, she's great to handle, but every time she gets up under my chin she does something very odd... She rubs in against my chin or neck and nods her head up and down quite rapidly, all while pushing, almost head-butting into my neck/chin. Think of the motion as a...
  38. Snake Catcher Victoria

    Water python found cheltenham vic

    If you have lost a water python in Cheltenham Victoria contact me if you have proof of ownership
  39. mike72

    VIC Proven breeding pair of water pythons

    WATER PYTHONS Age 4-5 years Length ~1.5-1.8m Quantity Available 1 pair General Description Healthy breeding pair of water pythons. Have bred the past 2 years. Feeding well on medium to large rats. Have a strong feeding response when in enclosure but ok to handle once out...
  40. Wild~Touch

    How It All Started

    Please share how you got into reptile keeping Always had a fascination A friend kept some reptiles Your kids wanted a snake My son wanted a snake from the time he could talk....LOL saw one in a pet shop in Melbourne and that was it
  41. Jacknife

    New Rainbow Serpent

    Picked up this beautiful female Water Python today. She's 4 years old, about 6ft and absolutely stunning! Was going to get an Olive, but the missus wasn't so crash hot on the size factor, this was a compromise but I'm pretty sure I made the better choice. When the light hits her it really is a...
  42. Snake Catcher Victoria

    FOUND Water Python in Frankston

    If you have lost a water python and live in Frankston, PM here.
  43. T

    Choice for first python

    Okay, So I've read people saying for a first snake or any I guess not to settle but to get what you want/like. I have become really fond of the water python. I've seen people say that the QLD ones with the yellow belly can be great placid snakes and have heard of people having a great...
  44. andynic07

    Crack down on subspecies crosses Queensland

    It appears that the authorities in Queensland are starting to enforce the rules around hybrids as I have heard of someone getting fined and snakes being confiscated. Has anyone else heard of this happening?
  45. P

    rumours of water pythons temperament

    just like to say, when i was thinking about getting a water python, pet shops, reptile breeders, friends who own snakes, had all told me not to get a water python because of the "natural" aggression. i went out and bought a hatchling, wasn't even a month old, he was in shed and was hating the...
  46. P

    water python thread

    hey i just start today, and i just want to see everyones water pythons, as i know they are an uncommon python. i own a 3month old water python, and I'm seriously in love with him, any information or tips would be much appreciated :)
  47. Bench_Warmer01

    Interesting Find - West Arnhem Land

    Hi All.. Strange night herping.. drove over a water python on the highway coiled and thought it was dead. Did some more searching 10-15mins later drove back to have a look at the "dead" snake. Turns out snake was very much alive... with it's tail end coiled jumped out and had a look (busy...
  48. C

    Python found in kennel after eating family pet dog

    I was sent this earlier today. Python found in kennel after eating family pet dog Interestingly there was a google add for dog insurance at the top when I opened it. I didn't know they insured against accidental death by snake.
  49. K

    Hatchling enclosure

    Hi there everyone, new to the site and will soon be the proud parent/chew toy for a hatchling water python. I had a couple of questions about the enclosure as Ive received a bit of conflicting advice. The hatchling will be in its own tub that it can hang out in for a couple months. I was told...
  50. NicG

    Olive or Water Python

    Snake eats crocodile after epic fight in Queensland News reports, and now Wikipedia, have this as a water python, but my first instinct was that it is an olive. AROD distribution also suggests that it should be an olive python: AROD > Reptiles / Squamata / Pythonidae / Liasis |