strophurus intermedius


  1. entityworkshop

    VIC WANTED Strophurus Intermedius

    Hi everyone, I'm after Strophurus Intermedius geckos. Does anyone know someone (ideally in VIC) who breeds them?
  2. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 120 in fact. We also now have over 40 popular species of invertebrates! The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common...
  3. richoman_3

    Summer VIC herping finds

    Couple quick trips, not really too much here... enjoy.. if you want more info on anything let me know. Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) head detail by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Tessellated gecko (Diplodactylus tessellatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Spotted Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes...
  4. richoman_3

    Quick Mallee herping trip

    Me and my mate went for a quick trip up north-west victoria to find a couple of pygopods a while ago we were rewarded with our finds in the freezing weather Delma australis - very cool species, usually found them in pairs Marbled-faced Delma (Delma australis) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr...
  5. richoman_3

    VIC Mallee herping !

    Well Matt beat me to the APS post on this... but last is always better. After a riveting day of school Matt and I wasted no time (Maccas is not wasting time!) getting to Little Desert NP On arriving there we set up our camp, and the tempting calls of banjo frogs nearby lured us to their pond...
  6. PythonOwner25

    Victorian Mallee Nov 2013

    Hey all, headed up to the Mallee over Cup weekend with a few mates to see what we could find. We started off at Little Desert, then moved up through Big Desert, and across to Hattah - Kulkyne National Park. Here is some of what we found. Enjoy the photos! Banjo Frog (Lymnodynastes dumerilii)...
  7. PythonOwner25

    SA weekend

    Herping weekend SA Hi all, was bored on Friday night on facebook, talking to a few mates, and a herping trip was mentioned. Next minute I was booking an early morning flight from Melbourne to Adelaide for the next day (27th July) and a return flight the following night (28th). It was the best...
  8. L

    nyngan/cobar herping :)

    hi guys im thinking about saving abit of cash and heading out west to cobar for abit of herping in october any info on the best time of the year to go would be great :) Ive been to nyngan but never got to herp seen alot of beardies couldn't tell if they where central or eastern as i was in the...
  9. Rocket

    Some SA herping...

    Just thought I'd show off some of the photos i've taken of local, SA herps over the past ten or so years. I am not a photographer - don't expect perfect photos. This is by far, not everything I have seen but these show some of the animals where I managed to have a camera (not a great one I might...
  10. mcloughlin2

    Herping out Nyngan/Cobar way?

    Does anyone have any experience with herping out Nyngan-Cobar way? I'm just trying to gauge whether it's worth the drive out there for Sydney siders or whether just as many species can be found in locations around Sydney. I go out that way each year hunting on a friends property but I've never...
  11. richoman_3

    Vic Mallee Herps !

    Spent the Cup weekend at Little Desert and Big Desert with micah, steve, simon and alot of other really cool people ! It was my first time up to the mallee so i was really damn excited ! the first day kicked off well ! the skinks were common, but proved to be fast ! Obscure Skink (Morethia...
  12. moloch05

    Wild Queensland -- Nov 2011

    I had to use lots of accumulated leave this year and I never like to waste it at home. So, after returning from Italy, I set off on a photography trip with a friend (Ted) and his son (Andrew) from Arizona. Ted and I explored the deserts in California and Mexico 40 years ago when we were in...
  13. froglet

    VIC Strophurus intermedius females

    Looking to buy 2 or more female Strophurus intermedius. Please let me know if you have any available. :)
  14. No-two

    Some herping pics.

    Did a few days with a friend last week up in northern victoria. Thoguht I'd share a few photos.
  15. yewherper


    Hi, I have heard alot about gecko's and that they are pretty hard to keep, because they drop their tails heaps easy? You also have to have the right climate, set-up,etc, for them to reproduce? I really like gecko's and want to get a couple of breeding pairs later down the track, maybe some...
  16. gecko-mad

    how much and who?

    hey guys i was wondering how much these geckos fetch for and if anybody breeds em? Diplodactylus byrnei - Gibber Gecko Diplodactylus conspicillatus - Fat-tailed Gecko Diplodactylus damaeus - Beaded Gecko Diplodactylus tessellatus - Tessellated Gecko Diplodactylus granariensis - Western Stone...
  17. OzGecko

    SA Southern Spiny-tailed gecko trio for sale

    Scientific Name Strophurus intermedius Common Name Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko Age 18 months Sex male and 2x females Length small Quantity Available 3 Bred By General Description Trio of southern spiny-tailed geckos for sale. Feed well on small crickets...
  18. Nik

    NSW Strophurus intermedius Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko

    Hi, I'm looking for some Strophurus intermedius to keep my girl company. If you have any available let me know. Thanks, Nik
  19. Addicted

    Gecko ID - S. wellingtonae?

    Bought this guy last year as part of a pair of S. wellingtonae but I've been a bit dubious as to whether or not it really is. It doesn't help that it has a regenerated tail... What do you think? Sorry about the crappy photo
  20. falconboy

    'Downsizing Collection' GECKO SALE

    All adult breeders TRIO Southern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus intermedius) $320 TRIO Eastern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus williamsi) $320 PAIR Northern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus ciliaris) KATHERINE FORM. $430 PAIR Northern Spiny Tail Geckos (Strophurus ciliaris) Normal Form...
  21. falconboy

    Pairs/Trios of Geckos & Pair of Pygmy Beardies

    I don't really like letting animals go (I should really get over my attachment to animals) but I wish to simplify my life, get a few $$ (gotta love interest rates), and concentrate on setting up my dragons/blueys a bit better so I am interested in moving some or all of the following adult...
  22. denno

    Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko

    Scientific Name Strophurus intermedius Common Name Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko Age three months Sex unsexed Length 6cm Quantity Available one Bred By General Description i have one baby Southern Spiny tailed gecko will sell tank as well for additional $60.00 will post...
  23. Mrs I

    Southern Spiny Tailed Geckos (Strophurus Intermedius) - For Sale or Trade

    $75 each or $250 for the 4 Willing to trade for other gecko. Scientific Name Strophurus Intermedius Common Name Southern Spiny Tailed Geckos Age 2 - 3 weeks Sex Unknown Length Small Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description Cute little geckos, with a lot of...
  24. salebrosus

    Gecko Addiction

    I dread seeing the name geckodan in the For Sale section. It usually means the few dollars i have jsut saved are about to get spent. Today i picked up a pair of steindachneri and a pair of salebrosus. Hmmmm, i think i shold now look at the Giant Cave's while there is still one available...
  25. falconboy

    Southern Spiny Tailed Geckos (Strophurus intermedius) - LAST 2 of the season!

    Scientific Name Strophurus intermedius Common Name Southern Spiny Tailed gecko Age 2 weeks Sex Unknown Length Small Quantity Available 2 @ $75 ea Bred By Mummy & Daddy Gecko! General Description Cute little bubs, nice parents. Easy to care for. Last 2...
  26. LennytheGecko

    Information on Australian Geckos

    Hi all, I am new to the Aussie Pythons and Snakes Website and I am finding it to be very useful! and the pictures of everyones lizards and snakes are amazing! I have been searching the net for information about the Australian Speices of Geckos, the Spiny Tail Geckos. I havent found much info...
  27. python blue

    Norhtern spiny tailed geckos

    Hi i would like to find out as much about these geckos as possible .
  28. jordo

    Herping Trip # 3 - Back to the Mallee

    Still no field herping section so it'll soon be lost... Just got back from the mallee in SW NSW, we were trapping at a couple of sheep stations near Pooncarie :lol: At the homestead we stayed at there were plenty of frogs out at night (we were right on the Darling River) This tree...
  29. V

    Need to check something - gecko species

    I checked the Victorian scheduel and it lists Spiny Tail gecko under the species name Diplodactylus ciliaris, now is that an old classification of Strophurus ciliaris? And are they likely to allow Strophurus intermedius under the heading "spiny tail gecko""?
  30. falconboy

    Geckos (Strophurus - spiny tailed geckos)

    Name 1x Strophurus intermedius (Southern Spiny Tailed) - $75 1x Strophurus ciliaris (Northern Spiny Tailed) - $85 Age Both approx 2 weeks. Sex Unknown Length Small - approx 5cm Quantity Available 1 of each Bred By Their parents, and me. :lol...
  31. V

    opinions please

    I have a 45*45*45 exo terra enclosure that will soon be free and I was wondering what I should put in it. I have a prefernce for skinks, because I have been told they are great fun. But I also like Geckos and Frogs. So, opinions please.... along with ease of care etc with the suggestions.
  32. arbok

    comeon breeders speak up

    comeon gecko breeders show yourselves!!!!!!
  33. falconboy

    Strophurus intermedius (Southern Spiny Tailed Geckos)

    Scientific Name Strophurus intermedius Common Name Southern Spiny Tailed Geckos Age 2 weeks. Sex Unknown Length Little! Quantity Available 2 at $85 ea or $160 both General Description These 2 cute little babies are from unrelated parents feeding on pinhead crix...
  34. falconboy

    Just hatched and day old Strophurus intermedius geckos (PIC)

    Yesterday morning I discovered my first ever baby hatched (in the background) and in the foreground is its sibling that hatched tonight. How exciting it is to be a new daddy! I watched the second one hatch too! Now I need to get them feeding and eating.
  35. falconboy

    Some Pics geckos, beardies, frogs

    About time I got some pics, sorry about some of the quality. First one is the shelving setup. In order, left to right, top to bottom: Heated using heatcord routed into particle board (except top shelf which has a minimal 1 line of a heatcord for a tiny bit of warmth). Strophurus have UV...
  36. alex_c

    gecko people i need advice

    well im considering getting into geckoes. what do i need in terms of housing? and what are some good species to start with? cheers
  37. falconboy

    Male Strophurus Intermedius

    Am getting a pair of females and am after a male Strophurus Intermedius if anyone has a spare little fella. Prefer not to freight, located Sydney. Many thanks
  38. falconboy

    Strophurus intermedius MALE

    I'm after a male Strophurus intermedius, prefer in Sydney. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks.