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  1. Nero Egernia

    Calming or "Taming" Monitor Lizards

    This is a topic that I have relatively little experience in, and as a result I've been scouring many sources to satiate my curiosity. From what I have found there appears to be two schools of thought, "complete and constant exposure" to humans and their environment such as regular handling...
  2. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 120 in fact. We also now have over 40 popular species of invertebrates! The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common...
  3. BredliFreak

    Show us your rare herps!

    Show off your uncommonly kept or rare herps, or rare/interesting things you have found. Pics are wanted, but if you can give me evidence of rare stuff you have seen without pics then that is OK too. One of mine (well, my brother found it): Masked rock skink (Liopholis margaretae margaretae)...
  4. C

    Monitor lizards!

    Just thought I would start "show of your monitors thread" so photos please! :lol: :D :P My three! Old photo of my Varanus Mertensi when he was young. My 2 juvenile Varanus Storri
  5. Cunninghamskinks

    Thinking of getting another monitor what species

    Hey Guys what monitor should i get next. i have a ackie and im looking to get another.... advice needed>>>>
  6. ingie

    Downsizing collection. Various skinks and monitor species available.

    Common Name Pair 2yo mertens water monitors (V. mertensi) bred by Peter Krauss. $700pair 1x8 month old female lace monitor (V. varius) bred by Peter Krauss $400 SOLD 2 2yo female Yellow Spotted Monitor (V. panoptes) bred by Peter Krauss $500 SOLD 3 young pink tongue skinks bred by Gary...
  7. clopo

    2013 in review

    Hi all, Its been a while since i have put a post up, so I will try and put everything from the year in one big post. There will be a few areas of Australia covered. I am still working in Mount Isa in North-west Queensland, however I am now living in Brisbane. This change has given me a...
  8. K

    ID required please NT

    This photo was taken in the Northern Territory. Would it be a Yellow spotted monitor?
  9. AmazingMorelia

    Changes to vic carpet subspecies?

    I got told today that Victoria is changing their regulations to list all subspecies of carpet pythons (inlands, darwins, coastals, jungles, diamonds, bredli and imbricarta) and wont allow cross breeding of these? Is anyone aware of this? Is it correct or not? Cheers
  10. calebs92

    Id please ? :)

    I caught this on christmas last year and i never got around to putting it up to find out what is was ? Thanks in advance :)
  11. phatty

    New Varanus panoptes

    So much personality Sent from my GT-I9210T using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  12. Wombok

    Cane Toads.

    Just thought I'd share a few pictures of this cane toad that comes into the laundry and eats our cat food every night. My mum insisted she held it. So I was like. "YES, AND I'LL TAKE PICTURES."- Over enthusiasm. Anyway, here they are. Oh, and by the way, we don't kill them, as my family have...
  13. S

    if i give my snake to big of a feed will it die?

    The title says it all.
  14. D

    Herping 2012

    Last year I looked for snakes and lizards. I found some. Cairns Dry Season Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Junguy by J. Kelk, on Flickr Stegonotus cucullatus by J. Kelk, on Flickr Lepidodactylus...
  15. Mitella

    2 frill necks, 1 monitor

    that made my day, seeing 2 adult frill necked lizards then going to someones house to identify a tiny snake(realising he let it go:|) at the same time a car pulled up, a lady came out with a lizard in a box, gave it to us and said "he was laying out in the sun" so i open the box and pulled out a...
  16. I

    Gouldii or panoptes?

    Following on from another thread, can anyone tell me definatively if the yellow tail tip is a distinguishing feature of gouldii or do some populations of panoptes have this feature also? I love pics BTW:)!
  17. sniffmylizard

    Panoptes or Spenceri or ???

    I would like to get a large monitor but I am at the point where I would like some advice on these 2 and opinions. I am even open to other suggestions. I have smaller monitors but would like to add a larger one to my menagerie. Everything I read about Lacies says get some time up with other...
  18. S

    Would you like to keep an Oenpelli python?

    So I've just been browsing all the various python breeders website and came a across this little beauty!!! link removed but google Gavin Bedford + Oenpelli python if interested. I'm sure most of you experienced keepers already know about this but I didn't. Now that I do I must say that if did...
  19. GeckPhotographer

    A couple of recent herping photos part 2 of 2.

    So recently I've been doing a bit of herping here and there. My aim for herping this year was to get my list of species of Australian reptiles seen (and positively ID'd) to 200 species. Having completed this earlier this year (in a thread yet to be posted), I decided to head to Qld with some...
  20. C

    Monitor Hatchlings For Sale

    Anyone know who the breeder is who's selling the Perentie & Yellow Spotted Monitor hatchlings currently advertised on the Herp Trader classifieds? I was thinking maybe Peter Krauss as I know he breeds Panoptes, could it be anyone else?
  21. moloch05

    Lake Eyre Basin, Central Western Queensland, Nov 2012

    I recently had a week break from work so decided to visit a couple of my favourite areas in the eastern deserts. The first destination was the Lake Eyre Basin near Winton in central western Queensland. This is one of the relatively close places for me to herp but it was a 26 hour drive from my...
  22. C

    My Goanna Exploring Inside The House....

    I let my male Yellow Spotted Monitor loose for a while this afternoon, video is here. He's currently being housed in a 3.0 metre long x 1.5 metre wide indoor enclosure but I'm getting a bit worried that he's outgrowing it, especially as he still has a bit of growing to do.
  23. C

    WTB: Yellow Spotted Monitor (Varanus Panoptes) - Adult Female

    I'm after a female Yellow Spotted Monitor, preferably an adult or sub-adult. Happy to pay reasonable cost for the animal plus AAE freight/handling costs to Adelaide. Please contact me via pm or phone 0433564505.
  24. Fang101

    Some herp pics

    Here a few animals I've found lately..... Little Eagle Hieraaetus morphnoides by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Hieraaetus morphnoides by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Common Bronzewing Phaps chalcoptera by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Cryptoblepharus carnabyi Cryptoblepharus carnabyi by Kieran Palmer...
  25. D

    heath/ rosenberg monitor infomation

    Hi guys I'm still in the dilemma of what type of monitor to buy. I have been doing a fair bit of research about a few breeds, goulds, laceys, mertens, yellow spotted etc but haven't been able to find much infomation on the Heath monitor. Few questions What type of enclosure setup is...
  26. C

    Varanus Panoptes (Yellow Spotted Monitor)

    Scientific Name Varanus Panoptes Common Name Yellow Spotted Monitor Age 2 years Size 1 metre Quantity Available 1 Bred By Gavin Bedford General Description Nice healthy monitor, I've owned him for about a year. Has been cooled ready to breed this year. Eats 1-2 weaner rats...
  27. Danielle-S

    Yellow Spotted Monitor (Varanus Panoptes)

    Scientific Name Varanus Panoptes Common Name Yellow Spotted Monitor Age 3 years Size 50cms nose to vent Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description healthy, active,pretty Location Brisbane Willing to Freight? no Contact Details 0413329954 License Number (Required...
  28. P

    Aussie Monitors

    Following on from my thread on Aussie Snakes which can be seen here - - I thought I'd put up a thread on some of the monitor lizards that I have also encountered on my herping travels. I haven't seen a...
  29. T

    Hi from South Australia

    Hi guys I have just joined up here, live in south aus and have used the site many times for info and thought it was time to join up and become a part of it all!! I have kept reptiles for many years on and off... Currently have a coastal carpet python ive had for about 10yrs+, a 6yr old jungle...
  30. Ramsayi

    Monitor substrates

    Just looking for advice on decent substrates for monitors,in particular ackies. I'm guessing monitor keepers on here have settled on what works well through trial and error so would like to hear from them.Anyone use or try decomposed granite?
  31. GeckPhotographer

    Herping in the Kimberley

    Recently I spent 3 weeks volunteering in the Eastern Kimberley with a scientific project radio tracking monitors, both Varanus panoptes and Varanus mertensi. The research was being conducted at El Questro Station a popular tourist destination in the East Kimberley and involved many different...
  32. E

    Yellow spotted monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus Panopties Common Name yellow spotted monitor Age 1 year Size total length 4-450mm Quantity Available just the 1 suspected male Bred By Sonia Dewdney General Description i am pretty sure it is a male. out of the 7 clutch mates this guy was the biggest/fastest...
  33. graphitebeans

    Monitor lizard crash course please?

    Hey everyone, I'm a wildlife Carer in Townsville, and the vet gave me a call today about a little lace monitor. Apparently I'm the only person they could get ahold of today, and this little baby has a damaged hind leg. Only problem is, I'm not really equipped for lizards. I have two...
  34. Poggle

    Reptile Photography

    I have seen some beautiful photo's on here recently. I am getting into photography more and more and would love some tips of some one is willing to give them to me. Also if people could post osme more great pics of their snakes that would be great! First one is a RBB and second a pain in the...
  35. GeckPhotographer

    Name My Garden Skink

    Can someone please help I can't figure out a name for my new garden skink they I brought in from the backyard. Varanus panoptes by Stephen Mahony, on Flickr Varanus panoptes by Stephen Mahony, on Flickr
  36. J

    Small monitor

    What is the smallest monitor besides akies. I currently have 2 sand goannas in my 4x2x2 tank but I'm getting rid of them because that is obviously to small for them. Oh and the monitor has to love the whole desert, sand, burrow thing because that is what the tank is like and I wouldn't want to...
  37. L

    Pilbara herping trip jan 2012

    A colleague and I recently got back from a herping trip through the Pilbara ranges. We were hoping to travel further north to the port headland area to try our luck for some Womas and Black headeds but unfortunately we were hit by the full force of mother nature. When it rains up there it...
  38. B

    Rock Wall Question

    I'm wanting to build a rock wall for my juvenile yellow spotted monitor for when he's an adult. I plan on it being cut from a piece of polystyrene foam & coated in cement render etc. I anticipate that he will climb over it so I want it as strong as possible. If I coat it in several coats of...
  39. moloch05

    Wild Queensland -- Nov 2011

    I had to use lots of accumulated leave this year and I never like to waste it at home. So, after returning from Italy, I set off on a photography trip with a friend (Ted) and his son (Andrew) from Arizona. Ted and I explored the deserts in California and Mexico 40 years ago when we were in...
  40. D

    Myth & Legend

    Long story cut short. My brother and sister where handling my big Coastal and I was sort of half having a nap on the loungeroom floor. The big guy comes over to say hi to me, snuggles into my side and flops his head down on mine and just relax's for a while. My sister thinks this is very cute...
  41. Pazzy

    Snake tongs

    I was wondering what everyone thought of 'snake tongs'.. I know A LOT of people have caused injuries to snakes using them, but i have also seen people cause injuries to snakes using there hands and hooks. I see tongs as a tool and if used PROPERLY shouldnt have any trouble.?
  42. T

    Various from Queensland

    Since arriving in Australia 4 months ago, I've had the chance to spend a lot of time herping in and around SE Queensland, and have been lucky enough to be shown some fantastic spots by a mate local to the area. Our time is coming to an end in this area, as we're heading north to Cairns for Xmas...
  43. Niall

    West Kimberley.

    Hi everyone. Just a few photos of what I came across whiles I was up North. Freshwater Croc Crocodylus johnstoni Plenty of these guys around up North. Had a nice experience with a few whiles my mate and I were walking through the water waist deep around midnight whiles looking for snakes...
  44. snakeluvver

    Killing cane toads

    Whats your views on killing cane toads? I personally think freezing them is ok as its humane, but some people I know will go out on a hunt with a golf club and sledgehammer and beat them to death. Just because theyre pests doesnt mean its okay to torture them and kill them horribly, theyre still...
  45. kr0nick

    Spencers vs lace monitors?

    Hi all I have been reading a few old posts about keeping both these species and both crocdoc and serpent tounge have metioned that spencers monitors have a lesser arsenal of weaponary. But I don't quite understand could someone please explain the differences and pros and cons of each if you have...
  46. T

    Newbie to monitor

    Hey guys i just bought a yellow spotted monitor today. this is my first reptile and just wanna know abit more about it. Iv been told to grab him everyday for half an hour or so and he will be very tame. what i wanna know is at the moment i have terf but can i put him on sand or is he like...
  47. lizardloco

    Yellow spotted monitor

    People are saying that this species has been wiped out by cane toads? Is this true? I don't really think it's true but.......
  48. AirCooled

    Cane toads threaten iconic king brown snake

    Cane toads may be putting the iconic king brown snake on the endangered list in the Northern Territory. In the past, the Environment Department describe the highly venomous species as being common in the rural areas of Darwin and Alice Springs. Dane Trembath, a research associate with the...
  49. F

    ID please :)

    This is what lives in our backyard any ideas? We're in Port Hedland WA Crappy photo I know :(
  50. damian83

    nsw reptile licencing

    im trying to get monitors soon, i have cbd's at the present time, ive been looking into upgrading my licence but the rule in nsw are rediculous this caption is from there web page 'Advanced class native animal keeper licences are only available to persons who are over 18 years of age and...