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  1. bob360

    Reptiles you can keep with a basic permit(SA)

    Here they are: Reptiles (Basic) Species Code Common Name Scientific Name S02161 Adelaide Snake-lizard Delma molleri Y02028 Australian Snapping Turtle Elseya ineate K02109 Beaded Gecko Diplodactylus damaeus S02137 Beaked Gecko Rhynchoedura ineat K02425 Black Rock Skink Egernia...
  2. G

    Trip to NT and WA

    Hi Everyone, Just returned from a trip to Katherine and the Eastern Kimberley. Below are a few finds from the trip. Not sure on my Gecko's and the skinks are just hard so advice on identification is welcome. Diporiphora-bilineata Boiga-irregularis Carlia Triacantha Crocodylus...
  3. Deka69

    BHP vs Perente

    These pics were taken by one of the NRW crew at Cloudbreakthis week. It took a total of 5 hours for the snake to finish it off a Perente (Bungarra). As you can see they put some signage up so it couldn't get run over.
  4. Blood Mason

    Yellow-Spotted Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus Panoptes Common Name Yellow-Spotted Monitor Age Approximately 2 years Sex I suspect it is a Male because it used to fight with its tank-mate who was definately a male but has not been X-rayed. General Description Awesome looking specimen. Lives in...
  5. souldoubt


    I just wanted to know if anyone can recommend any national parks near Brisbane that are good for seeing monitors. Ive been to Main Range today on a nice warm day hoping to see some Lacies or Sand monitors with no luck. Im looking for any monitors (Lace Monitor, Sand Monitor, Yellow-Spotted...
  6. Bench_Warmer01

    Lake Broadwater Herping

    We went for a drive over the weekend past dalby to lake broadwater, not to bad of a day but didn't see as much as we expected, found about 100 H.Binoei - Bynoes Gecko, these guys were absoloutley everywhere, Also found a Varanus Panoptes, and 3 Pseudechis Guttatus within 30 minutes of each other...

    Monitors, adult size, weight, temperement chart..

    After having ackies for a little while as my 1st monitor like most people do, now i've decided i'd like something a bit larger eventually leading up to lacies or perenties. So, I'd like a little help on deciding and i'm sure alot of other people would be interested in also knowing This...
  8. moloch05

    Windorah, Queensland 3 -- Floods and Frogs

    A huge thunderstorm hit the Windorah area on the afternoon as we approached from the south. Flash floods cut the road for awhile in the afternoon until the water levels dropped once again. We arrived late so we weren't delayed but we could see debris on the road. There were pools on the sides...
  9. PhilK

    Monitor ID

    Got a mate who lives at Longreach, and is curious what kind of monitor he gets on his property. He reckons it's identical to the one in this photo set Help us out?
  10. K

    Uni Assignment help

    Hi all, I am a student at James Cook University and im involved in a group developing an educational development resource for high school students with a focus on biodiversity and natural icons. We are going to investigate this area by looking at the introduction and impact of feral species...
  11. JungleRob

    JungleRob's Herp Room

    Hi, Thought I'd share a few pics of my herp room that's waiting to be filled with herps. Going to start putting a few things in it tomorrow and then the rest once they drop eggs.:D It's 4.2m x 4.2m so should be able to fit quite a bit in there.;) The walls are 75mm thick cold room...
  12. moloch05

    pics from Karijini NP, WA

    My son and I visited Karijini National Park in the Pilbara of Western Australia for several days in November, 2005. This park is famous for its beautiful red rock gorges. Some of these gorges have permanent water and of course, where there is water, there is abundant life. Here are a few...
  13. moloch05

    pics from the Goldfields area, WA (1)

    In February, 2007, a friend and I visited the Goldfields area of Western Australia. In this post, I will include photos of animals that we encountered in the Wiluna/Leonora/Laverton area. The habitat here looked great and it seemed to hold lots of potential for snakes. In the end, we saw few...
  14. smacdonald

    The Pilbara, WA

    Hi all, This the final installment from my WA trip. Earlier episodes: The Pinnacles and Lesueur National Park Numbat alert! Perth Zoo Tiger snakes Into the Rat's nest Shark Bay Monkey Mia and Hamelin Pool Cape Range National Park and Exmouth In this exciting...
  15. Macca

    West Qld 06

    Hey, finally a field forum on the site. These are some photos from a fairly recent herp trip around western Queensland. The habitat is mostly semi-arid. We spent 6 days on this trip, travelling 6500km, leaving from and returning to Sydney. A total of 55 herp species were found. The first...
  16. m.punja

    goanna friends

    Well the time has finally come and I have finished my outdoor pit for some goannas. I have a pair of sandy's organised and half paid for but while I was looking at my pit yesterday I started getting greedy. What could be put in there with the sandy's? Would turts go ok with goannas? I know...
  17. A

    Cane toad virus

    Lets just hope it works. And doesn't morph and kill all our frogs.
  18. serpenttongue

    Lace Monitor. Yeah, right!
  19. J

    photos from out western qld

  20. moloch05

    dragons/monitor from the channel country, QLD

    My son and I saw this incredible monitor on our trip in November, 2006. It was the most brightly coloured monitor that I have ever encountered. I have trouble separating Yellow-spotted Monitors (Varanus panoptes) from Gould's Monitors (V. gouldi) but I assume that this lizard is a...
  21. JasonL

    Various photo's of late

    just thought I'd post up some pics I've taken in the last month.
  22. youcantryreachingme

    Rare and cryptid snakes

    Hello all. Can anyone tell me - are there any stories of rare or undescribed Australian snake species? These might be extremely rare (and known species), or species now presumed extinct, or there might be stories describing snakes that do not fit any known descriptions (for example "it was...
  23. hotrodrob

    monitor bite problems

    As a newbie i am trying to soak up as much info as possible. I have come across quite a few threads concerning python bites, yet I have not found any to do with monitors. Is this because monitor bites are less common, less serious than python bites?
  24. D

    Monitor pic

    Seen this fella yesterday afternoon and thought I'd share the pic. He was resting on the edge of the dam, looking suspiciously like a small croc from a distance!! About 1.5m long and would've aken both my hands to encircle the base of his tail. Had been feasting on a dead sheep close-by. It was...
  25. salebrosus

    Road Killed Monitor-panoptes or gould's?

    Driving through a back road near my place, i noticed a dead monitor on the road. The road is only about 80km max and red dirt with lots of rocks. Well someone hit this poor little guy ut on closer inspection we were debating the species, gould's or panoptes. The three books i have here don't...
  26. O

    Turtle with beardies???

    i was just browsing through some videos on youtube of peoples bearded dragons and noticed there is one video with 3 beardies living with a turtle is this normal? i was very supprised whan i noticed that there was a turtle in there lol. The name of the video of anyone wants to see it is Pogona...
  27. Kirby

    what monitor?

    hey guys. planning on building some enclosures.. i have on part with a floor space of 7 X 3 feet. (213cm X 90cm aprox) i was wondering if there was any sort of monitor i could keep. assuming this was 2 ft tall. i was told on the net, a spencer would be fine, only to read the recomended...
  28. Blues Dog

    Herps at Work.

    Hey guys. Well for my first post I'd just like to show you some of the critters I've had the pleasure of running into on site. I'm an Environmental Officer working on a construction project in Mackay North Queensland. 1st up are the couple of Carpet Pythons I've had to rescue. This poor...
  29. cris

    Native Title and endangered species(poll can choose more than 1 option)

    Do you think it is ok for endangered species to be killed under Native Title? see poll, you can choose more than one option
  30. cris

    yellow spotted monitors in the news (varanus panoptes)

    Just saw a story on the news saying a study found they are most likely to be completely wiped out by toads :( Does anyone know anything about this? Do they still live in areas in qld where toads are?
  31. mr_rotor

    snake names?

    hey i was thinking what every one calls there snakes . post what your snakes names are .. or any reptile ? mines going to be savanna .. :D guess why?
  32. P

    Smallest monitor?

    Hey, i was wondering what the smallest monitor on the class 1 licence is? and how big does it grow? Thanks
  33. urodacus_au

    Pics of Varanus panoptes

    G'day all Im chasing some clear full dorsal pics of panoptes for a tat design. Ive photographed them in the wild but never thought to getg dorsal shots. Cheers Jordan
  34. mitchdiamond

    Identify this Monitor.

    Can anyone identify this Monitor? It was taken at Gooniwiiggal reserve in Inverell. I'm thinking it's Varanus gouldi gouldi. Thanks in advance. Mitch
  35. Zanejb

    New Animals for the Vic license

    Just thought id ask what animals people would like to have assessed and added to the vic license and it could be anything you like as i was curious to know what animals we cant keep in victoria that people would like to have. input from other state herp owners would be great also, tell us what...
  36. Aslan

    Wish List

    We always comment that particular animals would be on our 'Wish List'... so I thought I would get everyone to list their top three Australian reptiles they would love to keep... Mine are (in no particular order); - Merten's Water Monitor - Rough Scaled Python - Georgetown Stimsons Python
  37. B

    Komodo dragon

    I wouldn't mind having some Kimberley Goannas do this!
  38. nook171


    hey ppl i wondering if i could see some pics of moniters and goannas and how much they cost as im looking at buying one for my dads b-day as he loves moniters and goannas rgds nick
  39. B

    Hasn't he grown..

    And gotten game. This is that little goann that is STILL living under the slab at work.
  40. Gouldii

    wanted Monitors

    Hello I am looking for a female Sand goanna (Varanus gouldii gouldii) about 12 to 18 months old and also an unrelated juvenile pair of Yellow-spotted monitors (Varanus panoptes) Top dollar paid for top quality reptiles
  41. cris


    Sorry to any victorians out there but i just have to show off these little dudes :D I will update with some more(hopefully good) pics when they have settled in.
  42. Lost_in_the_Jungle

    The best lizard

    I am wanting to get into lizard but i am not sure what to get so i wanting to know what people think the best lizard top keep is and the reason why thanks all opinions well come
  43. cris

    BIG carpet snakes

    Someone gave me this article, to save you reading it it says that carpet pythons over 5.5m :shock: had been found near Kaimkillenbun(near bunya mountains in Qld). While a small article in a paper is not 100% proof i think its highly possible its true. It comes from the Dalby Herald 13 july 2006.
  44. B

    look who came to visit

    This little bloke was found in a bunker on base. (I don't remember if I have posted it before :? ) It was released out side. This big fella came walking through the section like he owned the place :lol:
  45. MoreliaMatt

    Open Top Pits & Monitors

    Hi all, at the end of the year i am moving to a new place that has a decent sized backyard. i want to build in an open top pit because i want to get a pair of monitors, at this stage laceys, but maybe something slightly smaller.... just wanted to know what other people have done for...
  46. peterescue

    NPWS Ballot animals NSW now

    NSW Department of Environment and Conservation is offering the following seized reptiles to licensed reptile keepers in NSW. The animals will be allocated through a ballot process. To register your expression of interest in any of the animals below you must: Provide your licence...
  47. Simon_Archibald

    Wild Thorny Devils

    Hi all, I recently moved to Darwin from Newcastle and on the drive up, while travelling at 130km/hr on the Barkley Highway, I spotted this little guy on the side of the road. I was over the moon to see one of these guys in the wild, moreso impressed I spotted him while travelling at that speed...
  48. P


    I was amazed to see how many people have some really nice pythons out there (on the show us your pythons forum). Obviously a lot less people will have monitors. But I was wondering how many people actually have some. If you've got some monitors or are generally interested in them why not post...
  49. F


    Just to let everyone know that some people on here won some trophies at the show. Pyror - Best Python (bredl) Johnbowemonie - Best Diamond GarthnFay - Best Skink, Best Bluetongue - (westIe bluey) There were some more but I can't remember the exact categories. One SCHS member won three...
  50. Fuscus

    Tell us about your first time

    OK - tell us about the first time you met a particular herp species. Any species preferbly an unusual one. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Me and a Olive :twisted: IN the early 80s, way before I kept herps, I was diving in Harvey Bay in about 3 meters of water off the...