Drastic colour change after shed - normal?

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Jan 26, 2014
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Gold Coast
My common tree snake had her first shed since I've had her (3ish months) a week ago and today when I took her out for cleaning I was shocked at how different she looks. She looks like a different snake! She was always a dark olive green with bright yellow belly, but now her back is a pastel blueish greyish colour. It's really beautiful but is this normal? Will she keep changing colour as she sheds? Is she healthy? I've just never seen a snake change colour so drastically before.

Here are some comparison pics:

photo 2.jpg

photo 1 copy.jpgphoto 2 copy.jpgphoto 3 copy.jpg

Normal and healthy? She's eating fine, but has been spending less time outside her hide lately which I was attributing to the colder weather but now I'm wondering if something else is going on.

Thanks :)
wow nice looking snake mate, as for the reason for the change I cannot say, but some pythons change colour as they age.
More dramatic than most colour changes I've seen. You've got a very nice blue coming through there
Thats a beautiful bluey you got there!
It's quite normal. Most juvie snakes start out quite dull and colour up as they age with each shed. It's an evolution thing to help them camouflage when young to have a better survival chance.

Diamonds and Coastals are a perfect example of this.
I wasn't sure if it was normal because when I googled cts hatchlings the blues were blue from the get-go. She doesn't seem like a true blue anyway, but if it's normal healthy colour-change and not a sign of sickness I'm perfectly happy with that! :)
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