Help with southern marbled gecko!

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Mar 18, 2019
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Hi guys, I need some help with one of my southern marbled geckos, Fatty. He’s about 3 years old I think (I’ve had him for 18 months). I noticed a couple of days ago that he was having a bit of a fight with one of my females. That isn’t unusual, I have four of them living in a large tank that has enough room for them to each have their own territory but they often have little scuffles over undefined territory when I clean the tank as I put in fresh branches etc... however yesterday he and the same female were having what looked like a more serious fight and I had to break it up. They both went back to their own spots and all was ok until I went to feed them. I noticed that Fatty was walking around quite strangely almost lumbering, like a drunk person or something! He didn’t seem too interested in eating anything either... since I don’t know whether it had anything to do with fight I decided it was best to seperate him just in case so I set up a smaller tank for him and he seemed to be doing a bit better... however I just heard some noise from his tank so went to have a look and he was going nuts, climbing up the walls chasing shadows that were being cast by moving tree branches outside the window... I closed the blinds and he calmed down but I noticed he still seems to be walking in that strange drunk like manner and his eyes don’t seem focused - almost like he’s not actually looking at anything (could he be going blind?! He seemed like he saw the shadows though...)
Anyway, I’m not sure what other information I can give but please feel free to ask any questions. I still haven’t found a vet in Perth that gives a **** about my little guys (thank god I haven’t needed them really until now!). Any help or insight that anyone can offer would be most appreciated!! I’m quite concerned about him...

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