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Feb 26, 2023
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United States
Hello! I’m a college student in the south Appalachian United States, currently earning my biology degree with a focus in wildlife ecology and herpetology. I love herps with a passion and hope to be lucky enough someday to visit Australia, and see these creatures there firsthand! I own two Kenyan Sand Boas but I’m currently awaiting to confirm payment for my first Australian Python, a gorgeous little 8 month old female Antaresia (she’s a Stimson’s). I cannot wait to learn more about this gorgeous species—I’ve done lots of research but any beginner tips are appreciated! She’s thankfully already on f/t pinkies and I have a nice secure tank (I know they’re little escape artists). I’d love to hear what others are using as far as substrate goes for juveniles, and what a good weight would be around a year old. Thanks and have a lovely upcoming (or current!) weekend, folks!
Hi Jackalope, welcome to the forum. I'm a little jealous of the snakes you are allowed to have in the USA!

And plenty of information to find out about your little Stimson's. (hit the search bar and you'll find lots.

I kept my juveniles on paper towel in a tub, but if she's in an enclosure, then you could put anything reptile friendly, (I'm cheap and use newspapers lol)
but reptibark and similar (not sure if you have that in the USA) is good, but go for what suits you and your snake best.

Weight I'm not sure on, it would depend on the individual snake, as some people power feed, some grow them slowly, maybe make a post asking that specific question, and add a pic if you're a bit worried about weight.

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